5 PS3 3D Games That Will Make You Buy a 3D TV in 2011

3D is slowly coming along as we exit 2010 and enter 2011. Surprisingly, most 3D TVs today are not as expensive as one might think. Most 3D TVs can be found for a couple hundred more than the average non-3D TV LED. But having a 3D TV right now, may not be at a consumer’s best interest, considering the 3D supporting software, out today. Supported 3D Video Games will be a big factor in the coming year, but are there enough Video Games in 3D, let alone “good” games in 3D to justify a 3D TV purchase? Check out 5 PS3 3D games that might encourage you to buy a 3D TV in 2011.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
The only title on the list out now and 3D ready for the PS3, COD: Black Ops will be under many gamer’s Christmas tree this year and should tempt gamers to buy a 3D TV when they find out that the game is 3D ready for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Game Available here: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Developer Treyarch
Publisher Activision
Released November 9, 2010
Genre First-person shooter
PlayStation 3 3D Ready

Mortal Kombat
We all knew Mortal Kombat 2011 was going to be a huge hit, but when they recently announced that the God of war, Kratos was coming to the game, the anticipation went of the charts. Just imagine a Fatality in 3D.

Game Available here: Mortal Kombat
Developer NetherRealm Studios
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release date April 2011
Genre Fighting game
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
PlayStation 3 3D Ready

Killzone 3
The Killzone series has elevated throughout the years and Killzone 3 will take the series to levels where only a few games ever reach. Killzone 3 will have PlayStation Move support, 3D ready and coming this February 2011.

Game Available Here: Killzone 3
Developer Guerrilla Games
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date NA February 22, 2011 & EU February 28, 2011
Genre First-person shooter, Tactical shooter
Modes Single-player, online multiplayer, Offline Split-Screen Co-Op

Crysis 2
Crysis 2 making its console debut this coming March should stir up some excitement for all console gamers. Luckily for PlayStation 3 gamers, the PS3 version of Crysis 2 will come 3D ready.

Game Available here: Crysis 2
Developer Crytek Frankfurt -Crytek UK
Publisher Electronic Arts
Engine CryEngine 3
Release dates NA March 22, 2011 & EU March 25, 2011
Genre First-person shooter
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer

Uncharted 3
Uncharted 2 has won over 30 awards world wide and won game of the year in 2009 in media outlets all over the world, so when we heard that Uncharted 3 was coming in 2011 and was 3D ready…Gizz in my pants… enough said.

Game Available for Pre-Order: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Developer Naughty Dog
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release dates NA November 1, 2011 & UK November 4, 2011
Genre Action-adventure, platformer, third-person shooter
Modes Single-player, Online multiplayer, Online co-op

The PlayStation 3D Display
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  • Shadowboricua

    Ahem… Black Ops is 3D on Xbox 360 also…

    • Thank you, sir. I added both PC and 360. Thanks!

  • gobe

    Since, all but one of these games have move support i couldn’t care less. I would much rather pay like 100 or so bucks for next gen (i.e. better) control then pay over $2000 for 3d graphics that will just tax the gpu.

  • gobe

    Since, all but one of these games have doesnt move support i couldn’t care less.

  • You forgot Gran Turismo 5!!

  • Julez D

    Nice artwork!

    GT5 is good in 3D (but not cockpit). Add Last Guardian to the list too.

    If Resistance 3 gets 3D as hinted at the site http://www.3dtested.com/3d-ps3-games-list/ then it should go on the list for sure. Maybe also MLB 11: The Show.

    • Thanks Julez! I can’t wait to play Last Guardian, I want to play the Shadow and Ico collection as well.

  • V8Supercars

    Good list of 3D games for 2011, i will add GT5 has the best to date 3D graphics and smokes Black ops for 3D, Add to that is a PS3 exclusive, would rather see GT5 is the list than Black ops, but good list of games coming in 3D.

  • Kdiggy

    I have played both GT5 and Call of Duty in 3D. They both look awesome! In call of duty those bullets look like they are coming right at me. GT5 I havent played but in the cockpit in 3D mode. so I will have to try what Julez D said.

  • I would add MLB 11, SOCOM 4, and Gran Turismo 5 to this list. Very excited about these titles in 3D!

  • Uncharted 3 is definitely my favorite 3D game so far on the PS3. My complete Top 5 list can be found on my blog.

  • Uncharted 3 is very good, a few 3D glitches on the right side in a few scenes however pretty much awesome is the word for this game. Just completed Killzone 3 aswell in 3D – it’s great. Stardust HD is also fantastic, in general all the 3D games on the PS3 system is superb compared to the Xbox360 experience which really is very bad! I couldn’t play Gears of War in 3D for more than 10 minutes, when I started Killzone it was a blast!

  • Cory Greenwell

    I agree, these games would make me buy a 3DTV, however I already got the 3DTV before buying a PS3! I own all of there games except Mortal Kombat but that is in my Amazon Wish List!

    I am addicted to 3D gaming, I paid full price for Battlefield 3 and I was so pist that it was only in 2D and same goes for MW3! I should have not assumed.. I now have every 3D game available or coming out on my Amazon Wish List so I can’t be fooled again!

    All in all, 3D gaming is the shiz! 🙂