IGN Punishes Duke Nukem Forever – First Review LIVE

You know a game will be good when there is tons of hype surrounding it. Unfortunately for Duke Nukem forever the only hype for the game, was the announcement of a 2011 release — it’s been quiet ever since. Assuring that the lack of hype was for a reason, IGN has just gave the game a low score of 5.5, calling it a muddled, hypocritical exercise in irritation — proving that the game is nowhere to what gamers would have liked to see. Although IGN did give it a lower than average score, they did share some positives for the game, such as; “solid shooting mechanics and decent encounter design. There’s some dumb fun to be had in Duke Nukem Forever”.

Well, there you have it. 5.5 is not that bad is it?

Read IGN’s full review here

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  • Tomé Silva

    Companies like IGN or Gametrailers aren’t fair, they give good reviews only to the games that their community like, that doesn’t make a good review.
    They rather give good credits to “commercial titles” like COD, which people tend to compare too and we all know that is a different genre.

    I played Duke Nukem Forever, and trust me when I say that I add a fun ride, I can’t recall a game that I had so much FUN in the literal sense.
    FUN because of the unrealistic weapons, unrealistic car jumps, over the top action, crazy jokes and Duke personalty itself.
    The goofy moments for me were refreshment of the games nowadays.

    Like the boobwalls, IGN didn’t like… why? Didn’t people enjoy? Are the review community trying to look for respectful games with dignity?
    For me the only dignity in games must be the price cost, 50€ for this were well applied and I had and still have a lot of FUN playing this.
    Not the damn 50€ for recycled over and over again commercial titles which I don’t need to say the name.

    Plus, IGN praised the game in the preview some time ago, now they panned it… I guess they have their head all messed up because of E3 2011, they saw too much good stuff there to enjoy what is being released now!

  • The demo I played at Pax East last year was a little bit underwhelming, but honestly, how good can you expect a game like this to be after all of the time it took to develop. I will at the very least rent DNF, just to see how fun the overall experience will be.

    Reviews should be more about your personal preferences, instead of what the entire community thinks as a whole. I can’t tell you how many games I thought were great, and all of the big reviews sites bash them for what sometimes seems to be the smallest things.

  • Correction on that last statement, I played the demo at Pax East this year.