Hey Look, Wii U Looks Like an Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player

We can all agree that Nintendo has an amazing creative team working on building their products. But one department that Nintendo needs to focus on, is the damn design team. Nintendo’s latest system “Wii U” has the same shape and color similar to an Xbox 360 HD-DVD player. For a company that leads in innovation –the least they can do is give the new system a modern look. I am sure we can all agree that the all white console/Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player look, is so 2006.

Here is what the HD-DVD player would look next to the Wii U controller. As you can see, some white paint and a disc loading slot is all that is separating the two. You can probably trace the bodies of both and find it to be almost identical.


Now, wouldn’t this design look much better today?

The Nintendo concept image [By Jagster]

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  • DeJaVue

    Once AGAIN! Nintendo has 99% of their focus on their controller!! The console always on the backburner.

  • tony

    That Wii U mii U is the ugliest peace of hardware I have ever seen!
    And look at that table without analog sticks xD
    If nothing at least that HD-DVD looked cool but didn`t live enough and neither will Wii U Mii U xD
    This console is a joke!

    • Cw345

       You’re the ugly one and a fucking joke too, fucking little cunt, you know I’m right.

  • i wonder if the console is the final design:/
    they REALLY need to change the controller design, it just looks like a cheap plastic imitation of iPad.
    The controller ‘whatever’ colour it gets needs to have a chrome finished design like ps3

  • blu

    Is this really a fair argument? Consoles are essentially boxes. You can only change a design so many times, and there’s no change in doing it, for the sake of doing it, only for it not to be as practical.

  • Andy

    They really aren’t similar at all. For it to be a rounded rectangular prism shape isn’t new at all in tech. The HD-DVD player also has that stupid curve that early 360’s had. It just looks like a fucking external disc-drive, there’s nothing weird, suspect, or “cheap,” about that. It’s functional, and the console isn’t the important part here.

    Microsoft fanboys should leave good design well enough alone, we all know that Microsoft has only recently bothered to make their hardware and software look nice.

  • Thats an interesting, and very surprising comparison to an old 360 add-on.

    As for the console itself, despite some questionable choices with the overall design, the range of possibilities for what types of games could be in the works for it are exciting to think about.

    Just wish more info on the online functionalities of the console were revealed at E3, but I’m sure we will find out more about that sooner than later.

  • Fidelin

    Of course, being a Nintendo fan since the beginning of my existence, I’d normally be incredibly biased about this article. However, I do think that the concept image is quite a bit snazzier than the current design.