Nintendo Unveils New Gaming System – Specs, Games and More

We have actually had some hands on with this new Wii U controller and we have to admit, we are in love with this new system and the gaming concepts we have seen thus far.  (We will upload our hands on videos soon).  We have all agreed here on TQcast that Nintendo has created a new type of anticipation for the hardcore gamers.

Here are the specs directly from Nintendo:


New Nintendo Gaming System: Wii U

Launches: 2012

Size: Approximately 1.8 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.

New Controller: The new controller incorporates a 6.2-inch, 16:9 touch screen and traditional button controls, including two analog Circle Pads. This combination removes the traditional barriers between games, players and the TV by creating a second window into the video game world. The rechargeable controller includes a Power button, Home button, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons. It includes a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, rumble feature, camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, a sensor strip and a stylus.

Other Controls: Up to four Wii Remote (or Wii Remote Plus) controllers can be connected at once.
The new console supports all Wii controllers and input devices, including the
Nunchuk controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and Wii Balance

Media: A single self-loading media bay will play 12-centimeter proprietary high-density
optical discs for the new console, as well as 12-centimeter Wii optical discs. ***(In addition, this propitiatory media will hold 25GB of data)***

Video Output: Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Compatible cables include HDMI,
component, S-video and composite.

Audio Output: Uses AV Multi Out connector. Six-channel PCM linear output through HDMI.

Storage: The console will have internal flash memory, as well as the option to expand its
memory using either an SD memory card or an external USB hard disk drive.

CPU: IBM Power-based multi-core microprocessor.

Other: Four USB 2.0 connector slots are included. The new console is backward compatible
with Wii games and Wii accessories.


Here are a list of studios planning on releasing launch titles or the Wii U. Wii U Games

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