Sony Reinvents Split Screen Gaming via PlayStation Branded 3DTV

Sony has made a huge impact with 3D integration on the PS3, but let’s be frank, most PS3 gamers don’t own a 3DTV. One of the biggest reasons why these 3DTVs are not as popular, is the price. Surely, the prices for the 3DTVs have come down dramatically, but still — there are many gamers that can’t afford paying for a 3DTV and 3D Glasses. It simply adds up. Well, Sony has just announced a PlayStation branded 3DTV with Glasses aimed at us low-budget gamers.

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation branded 24″ 3DTV which comes bundled with a pair of 3D glasses, HDMI Cable and Resistance 3, all for the price of only $499.99. This is the perfect setup for anybody wanting to get their 3D gaming on, all while keeping the price affordable.

Along with this great deal, Sony has also announced that the 24″ 3DTV will have dedicated split screen –meaning that when you play a slip-screen 3D enabled game with a buddy — you will be able to see your own screen without having to split the 24 inches. Check out the image below to get an idea on what is dedicated split screen.

No specific specs have been released.

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