PlayStation Vita to Support Cross Game Chat. Will We Ever See it on the PS3?

A shocking announcement by Sony during their E3 press conference, confirmed that the PlayStation Vita would have full on cross-game chat support. So what’s the deal with the lack of cross-game chat support on the PS3?

Sony confirmed that Vita will not only have cross game chat, but the powerful handheld will also support cloud saving and Sony’s new Near social network. From the sounds of things, the PlayStation Vita is getting full on support from Sony and it almost feels that this could very well be their next-gen gaming system to get Sony’s dedicated attention. Why has Sony opted to leave the PS3 cross-game chat-less, knowing that this is what gamers want the most –according to the PlayStation Share website? At one point during the conference, I seriously believed that cross-game chat would be announced for the PS3 following the confirmation of cross-game chat on the Vita.

The PlayStation Vita releases this holiday season for $249.99 for the Wi-Fi only and $299.99 for the 3G/Wi-Fi enabled which is fueled by the At&t network.

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  • rondon

    the vita was built with the crossgame chat from the beggining.
    PS3 was not, and adding it could lead to memory issues because games were made before it came out so they weren’t reserving the memory required for it.

    thats the only reason I can think of.

    • Ediblefood

      I think sony will release cross game party chat for the ps3 alongside the Vita, it probably took them a long time to make a chat system that uses the system recources as efficently as possible but i don’t think they will launch a portable with cross game chat while their “ten year lifecycle” console still doesn’t have it… Otherwise they are dangling a feature that should have been in the ps3 since the beginning in front of the noses of Psn users.

  • radiocaf

    I really thought it would too. Especially after how much they were pushing that the PS3 and Vita will be seriously connected through Cloud and Game Sharing and Content… I’m hoping they just missed it out and we will see it around the time the Vita hits shelves.

  • Waddy101

    I think that they were going to announce it and show it off but because of the PSN going down they had to focus on fixing that rather than getting the CGC working. Hopefully it’s coming though

  • wibble

    This is just nonsense in my opinion (WITH OUT SEEMING LIKE A FAN BOY!!) xbox wasn’t built with it either!

    So it makes this statement…
    “it could lead to memory issues because games were made before it came out so they weren’t reserving the memory required for it”
    sound like total cow pooh give the fact many of the games “made before” were out on the xbox aswell before they had a party feature

    now I could ramble on about many theories alleady brought up, but the one i find has the most waight is… xbox rebuilt the entire OS to enclude the feature (as well as others), granted an entire OS rebuild may not be required but, it would be substantial work on sonys part, if it was going to be done for the ps3 as many people have said.. it would of years ago