Incredible Water Animations on the NGP – Amazing Detail

If you were not sure if the NGP/PSP2 would even come close to the PS3’s power, be prepared to be convinced. The amazing water animations on the NGP are simply breathtaking.

Many games have water integrated in one way or another –some looking better than others, but who would have known that this level of animation would ever come to the palm of your hand. Feast your eyes on these water animation on the NGP/PSP2 –this is some serious work of art complementing the NGP/PSP2’s power!

Click on the image below to see full size:

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  • Damn! Might have to pick up the NGP… That’s IF the price is right.

    • ochoas08

      thats what im saying.. yo juice you need to get back to the mic with Desz for another TQ cast!!!!