New Technology Aimed to Make Gamers Feel Water, Centrifugal Force & Touch

No word on whether this new technology will make it to E3 this year, but Disney is working on a Full Sensory Video Game Technology called “Tactile Brush” that will make gamers feel certain things in games such as; force, water, acceleration on racing games and even touch. But how exactly will this work?

Newscientist explain that the new technology is currently being tested with chairs — a modified gaming chair that gives the illusion of certain feelings through the power of vibrating coils. Techniglee explains that when the human body feels two vibrations in quick succession that are close to each other, your body can be tricked into feeling all sorts of stuff. So just imagine what this can do to some of the most realistic games this generation. In addition, Disney hopes to eventually get this technology out to movie theaters and theme parks — to further optimize the experience.

I would definitely play through Heavy Rain once again if I felt half of what the game throws at you — yes, sharing these feelings with the sexy Madison Paige.

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  • LoL

    LOL Disney…. may as well say this is going to fail right now. Remember how terrible and non epic, epic mickey was?