This is Why You Won’t Get Trophy Support on Certain PS3 Games

For those thinking that trophy support is just one patch away — think again. Much like many gamers, I am too guilty of blaming Sony for not adding trophy support to certain titles such as; MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavenly Sword and Resistance Fall of Man, just to name a few. It seems as if trophy support is just a patch away…well, think again.

Recently, Senior Community/Marketing Manager at Insomniac Games, James Stevenson explain the process of getting trophy support on older PS3 titles via a PSblog comment pane response, which explains in detail why we shouldn’t be so hard on Sony and these Dev companies over the lack of trophy support on older PS3 titles.

“Not nearly as easy as you think (involving re-opening long dormant code, assigning people to it, testing it, sending it through certification, etc etc) – meanwhile, all of those resources code, and are being used to make Resistance 3 the best game possible”

Although I think Kojima would have a similar response to why MGS4 doesn’t have Trophy Support, I think we can all agree that it’s probably the game we would choose over the rest and still hope that one day it gets Trophy support.

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  • only gamers who don’t know much about development would think it’s easy to add trophy support, like copy and paste:/

  • Macsci

    For me and many others players the problem is not that but… oh yea i get a platinum o yea i get a new one etc, and now? on xbox i can spend my point on store for PS3 no…. this is the sad thing

  • truthspeaker

    My mind was blown, you mean you have:
    1. Go into the code and add code to detect when a trophy is unlocked
    2. Test your code to make sure you did it right
    3. Then prove to sony it works

    I hope to god you are doing this. As far as this pulling resources from new games, I could care the heck less. Another play through with objectives is worth waiting the month or two delay on a new game.

    Show support for your products and you will retain and win over fans.

  • RastaCC

    I also thought that guy’s excuse was lame. Why weren’t they working on it between games? When all those resources weren’t being used during the early dev of R3. I will tell you why there really aren’t trophies being. MONEY. Adding trophies will not result in any kind of a surge for buying an almost 5 year old game. What will cause a surge? Bundling the first two games together for those new to PS3 and getting prime retail space for it.

  • Dinobot

    Xino said it best! Right on, man!

  • alexander

    MGS4 has Trophies if you buy the Greatest Hits copy, go and google it.

    • no

      no it doesn’t you spac, that’s just a misprint

  • KAP

    I call bullshit.
    How come the 3 ps2 remakes get trophy support uncharted 1 and warhawk all get patched trophy support, knowing full well that those ps2 games where out before achievements where even thought of.

    It’s just s lazy excuse, because we all know full well that there’s no business in it, if there were it’ll be a completely different story.

    Enough said on this topic.

    • International Subversive

      Ehm… I will accept that Warhawk did not appear originally on the PS3 (IIRC, it was the PS 1 anyway), but I know that Uncharted debuted on the PS3.

      As for adding trophy support to those games, they were added right around the time that trophies came out; the trophy system NEEDED some high-profile games to get it going. Now? Every game comes with trophies and people are less likely to play though older games (even though they may be great ones) just for the trophies.

  • balabangla

    Uncharted anyone..? They managed to add Trophy support, without all this messy ‘we cant do it because its too hard’ bullshit. They just need to grow a pair and get to it.

  • DarthDiggler

    At the very least they could assign trophies to nonstat track items like you finished level 3.

  • saminseattle

    The profit Konami would gain for re-releasing MGS4 with trophy support would far outweigh the cost in resources. Try to make a profit out of it… tons of people would jump on a re-release of MGS4. I’d pay a small fee to get trophies as a DLC patch (only for MGS though, I love all the MGS games that much). Why don’t they come up with some creative way to implement trophies where they would benefit too?