Gears of War 3’s Graphics Have Just Raised the Bar – Video


All I have to say is…”wow”.. I did not see this coming. I knew Gears of War 3 would look good, heck Gears is the reason I bought an Xbox 360 back in 07, but after watching the latest campaign trailer for Gears of War 3, I’m now convinced that the Xbox 360 has hidden powers laying under that motherboard somewhere, serious shit, I have moved Gears of War 3 to the top of my list for 2011 games to look out for. Simply amazing! Check out the video below.

How is this possible on the Xbox 360??

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[Vid Via Mediakick Gracias!]

  • Glad you seem to think so, seems quite bland and lacking if you ask me. I’m seriously not impressed, just as I haven’t been with all the Gears Of War games.

  • mike

    It’s easy to make a game look “simply amazing” when it only has 3-4 colors on the screen.

    • Clemens

      What does Killzone have to do with this?

      O snap son!

      • Legatus Lanius

        ROFLMAO!! its funny you say that because back then in the killzone 3 vs. crysis 2 debate ALL the ps3 butthurt fanboys said killzone 3 looked better than crysis 2 cause the AA didnt need to work as hard cause of the lack of color compared to CRYSIS 2. so please stfu. thats a very retarded statements considereing gears of war has turned into one the most vibrant games out there. oh god thanks for the laugh though xDDD!!

  • Jonah Yuccato

    Looks ok. Not as good as last year’s God of War 3, not to mention this year’s PS3 powerhouses, but it looks ok…for an Xbox game.

    • LBDz

      I agree. Not as good looking as some PS3 titles, but a slight improvement over the last few 360 games. But that game ( Or CG ) still looks bland compared to other games on the market.

  • Diago

    Putting lipstick on a pig still make’s it , a pig.
    The game is simplistic and designed for 13 year old pimpel faced mediocre human beings.

    It still make’s use of the same barrel roll animation it did in Gears 1, i rest my case.

    • sklorbit

      gears is for kids? you are probably bad. tried it once and got fucking raped didnt you?

    • Legatus Lanius

      lol yet its gameplay mechanics surpass uncharted’s. youre real dumb.

  • haha

    hahaha it looks like shit. Bland as fuck like a big puke on the screen.

  • mrjoeyloke

    Man! Marcus is a bad looking dude! Its still not too late to throw him in mortal kombat ya know!

  • Shmick

    Uncharted 2 still kicks ass through that bland looking game. Can’t wait for uncharted 3. And as always cinematica always look a little better than the actual gameplay……except for uncharted 2 because it’s same cinematics as gameplay. I guess we will have to wait for a proper review of gears3 and actual proper gameplay.

  • Statix

    Lol, you’re judging a game’s graphics based on cutscenes?

  • Heckbrown

    Since when is CG like that been new? Show some in game footage then I’ll be impressed

    • Phil

      Gears uses in-game graphics for the cutscenes. Those aren’t CG at all. And all that footage is probably cutscenes from the game, not specially made for the trailer. Having played the beta I don’t even think this trailer has been up scaled alot.

  • the graphics is dead amazing!

    but come on man it looks too good to be real time. It feels like FMV:/

    and I’m always surprise just how developers always compress games file size so much that they all fit under the 8gb of Xbox disc. Halo games have crazy amount of contents yet they fit full up the 8gb disc. Amazing!

    However the Gears cutscene might just be real time since Epic were working on the April Unreal Engine 3 kit that offers lots of features (not the next gen UE3 Samaritan demo).

    I do think Gears is the best looking Xbox 360 game out there.

  • david

    ummm….why are you so impressed? its not gameplay its only a video, they can have videos like this on the ps2 if they wanted to, it has nothing to do with the power of the motherboard….smh

    • bakasora


  • Tom Ato

    LOL, is this some kind of a joke??? I’ve seen better graphics on the GBC.

    For the past 3 years in a row the VGA’s have given the “Best Graphics” award to a PS3 exclusive and this year it’ll be no different, the last – gen nonsense on the 360 looks like utter crap in comparison to real games like Infamous 2, Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian.

    All the 360 fangirls started rage – trolling their asses off at this exact same time 3 years ago saying the exact same thing about Gears Of Bore 2 and what happened? Oh yeah, MGS4 won the “Best Graphics” award whilst Gears got laughed out of the building.

    Seriously……if this can be considered “Good” by 360 standards then you noobs need to upgrade to a proper game console. Maybe a console that uses more than just 2 colours???

    • sklorbit

      um fanboy get out of here.

    • UberJonez

      OMG! You seriously are proud of your PS3 and its games because they have won “Best Graphics” award at VGA:s, the show that is practically a joke? OH god.. “Real games” sure, if the games dont look as great as PS3 exclusives they are not real.. Do you really think that the amount of colours in games are based on the hardware, you dumb fuck ahaha 😀
      What about Killzone games then? GREYBROWN PUKE IMO.


    • Phil

      lol, you sound incredibly bitter, still waiting for PSN to come back on?

      Remember back on the PS2 when you argued “graphics aren’t everthing everyone knows it’s all about gameplay…” well, now the shoe is on the other foot…

      • Tom Ato

        Waiting for PSN to come back? LOL, PSN has been back for more than 2 weeks you dumbass. Are all you 360 fanboys this freaking ignorant about the games industry?

  • Richard Marks

    Gears of War 3 is indeed a step above all other games coming in 2011, visually it is unparalleled and its marketing appeal has never been better with more pre-orders than any other game this year already.

    The visual fidelity allows one to clearly see just how even with a 3rd party exclusive that uses a multiplatform engine the XBOX 360 can still wow gamers worldwide.

    Sure the XBOX 360 has its shortcomings and boy does it ever, but it seems Crysis 2 which already ousted PS3’s finest exclusives visually on the XBOX 360 has to take a back seat to this power house.

    Truly Microsoft’s weakness has lied in the slaying of 1st party development but we can only imagine just what the XBOX 360 could achieve had Microsoft spent in the way of 1st party development with time and money both had they adopted Sony’s stance on the matter with developing ground up engines that take the most advantage of the architecture.

    That being said and with some people already in denial, it’s very reassuring that Epic games live up to their names.

    • Ryan

      I cant tell if your trolling or just very stupid. But lets assume your not a troll, first of all a “a step above all other games coming in 2011” ? Seriously? More like an evening to everything else that was put out LAST year, and who are you kidding, Crysis 2 looked like shit on anything but a maxed CPU, even then it wasn’t what it was hyped to be. Xbox wouldn’t have achieved anything more if they did have a lot more 1st party support, because Microsoft doesn’t like putting unknown brands on there supported platforms, sure once and a while, but they would much rather loot money off of big names like COD or GOW, Microsoft is about money, nothing else.

    • wtfmate

      are you mental?


    Hmm. Meh. Infamous 2 alone kicks this to the curb.

    • Legatus Lanius

      lmao if infamous 2 is anything like that bland repetitive crap that was infamous 1 then youre wrong.

  • Dee Trout Swinger

    Must have cost a lot of money for a one minute advert in champions league spot. Looks good, but I still think that nothing will be able to come close to Uncharted 3 this year.

  • i own both

    U gotta love ps3 fanboys. Gears is gears. No matter what. To all the ps3 fanboys grow up. While ps3 exclusives look better they still suffer from low res textures. The extra 256mb of gpu ram the 360 has, is what makes the 360. Just like the spu’s on the ps3
    Don’t get me started on dual ports now. Because ps3 fanboys are just jealous that 360 owners usually get better ports hands down. PSN anybody lol

    • LBDz

      PS3 games suffer with low res- and the RAM in PS3 is better than 360’s. The 360 has 512Mb of ” Shared Ram ” While PS3 GPU has 256Mb ” of dedicated Ram ” with another 256Mb of XDR Ram running at 3.2Ghz that can also be used by the GPU ( The Cell and SPEs ) are fast enough as they are which is why the RAM is set up this way.
      Oh and each SPE has it’s own memory which is just one of the reasons why games look so good on PS3.

  • john

    Yeah its raised the bar, if yr talking about xbox ONLY!! What a retard this ‘DESZ’ is! Are these graphics better than MGS? NO!! Nuff said!

  • ghh

    good graphics? It looks like gow 2/1

  • Infamous 2

    PS3 has some sick games but Gears 3 is better looking than them all, sorry haters but you lose, thumbs down all you like.

    Trolls ftl.

  • therealharmyb

    If you look through the trailer properly, that means the PS3 fanboys have to watch it with some care instead of just wizzing through it! There is gameplay in there,bits where you are looking over Marcus’ shoulder and explosions are going off in front of him! Looks amazing and deserves all the respect in can get, which should be 100%, even from the people who dislike Gears and the PS3 fanboys!

  • gilmore

    You PS3 fan boys have a chip on your shoulder. I have a PS3 and I’m looking forward to this game it looks great. I’m also looking forward to infamous 2 and uncharted as well, I just don’t understand why you guys have so much hate for this game when clearly its going to be good and will get great reviews.

    Seriously I’m pretty tired of everyone being called a troll, and then getting their opinions trampled on by very mean spirited PS3 users. Yeah its true the PS3 has greater graphics abilities, but if you owned both systems and if you were truly unbiased there really isn’t that much separating theses two systems. Both have great games that I’m looking forward too playing. Crysis was a great looking game, you guys just need to chill out and just enjoy the games instead of raging over what system is better.

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  • kap

    wow most of u are just sony fanyboys lol i own both systems. its looks good. go hate somewhere else. u clearly have nothing better to do. oh yea. and go get an online service that isnt garbage

  • DarthDiggler

    Yawn… main character looks like a special ed student on roids. He has those retard eyes. perhaps his parents were brother and sister.

    Looks like nice cutscenes but more of the same as other GoWs. Still not Uncharted quality.

    • Legatus Lanius

      lol yeah yet drake is some lara croft / indy jones wanabee who hasnt done 1/4 of the awsome things theyve done in their adventures. indy survived a nuke blast. god youre such an idiot aka. ps3 fanboy

  • Joe

    If I had an xbox 360 I’d get the game……..because I like ripping shit up !!!, so yeah, it looks like CG but we should all wait until E3 to be sure, and what’s up with all these kids tAlking abou bland colors, u got to be shiting ME! Since when do battle field look like a nice sunny day with vibrant colors???

    Peace out !

  • Rpgenius420

    First let me say you people here saying ps3 this and that are just sad excuses for gamers. If you like it play it if not stfu and play something else. I’m a gamer so yea I have all systems and play all the games I want. Maybe some of you nut sacks should give it a try.

  • keysy

    jsut seems like a normal game to me nothing special .

  • LBDz

    The beta gameplay looks different to CG. The real gameplay is not as good as this CG.

  • SiK

    This site has been officially declared for PS3Fanboys.

  • Diago

    Rpgenius420 says:

    You say you have all systems as if that means anything other then you don’t know the difference between Quality and Garbage.

    The Xbox 360 has been marketed to be greater then the Playstation 3.
    Xbox 360 FanBOYS! (cause they are, boys in this game) tend to believe this lie.
    The Playsattion 3 Destroys the Xbox on Every..Single…Front.
    Graphics! Hardware! Games! Exclusives! Multi Media ability’s, Online, And on And On And On!..

    You kids need to grow the fuck up, get half a brain and RECOGNIZE SUM SHIT QUICK!…

    or dont speak.. at all.

  • Aidan-g

    Jeez it’s a freaking CG cutscene, you can’t rate graphics based on cutscenes! And as cutscenes go, it’s pretty low tier.

  • lol

    Because it’s a cinematic trailer, it’s not the actual gameplay.

    fail console users…

  • Legatus Lanius

    99% of these comments are all stupid fanboys who honestly dont know squat about videogames. you all should read about the industry instead of these stupid sensationalist articles that make up N4G nowadays. you guys show what the industry is becoming and its truly heartbraking to see that idiots are starting to infect the industry with their stupid.

  • kurvyboy

    gears of war 3 is one of the highest quality developed games of any console generation and of course on the me the highest quality game on ps3 was MGS4 not uncharted 1 or 2 and most likely not 3 not god of war 3 not have to have the complete package,great story, longevity,superb multiplayer,easy customizable options,great controls. last and definitely least great graphics. gears 3 will have this package guys bag on the 360 because its hardware was getting old.But the ps3 titles compared to gears of war 3 seems to make its hardware seem like its getting old.solution,dont judge a book by its cover because eventually it will get a new chapter.

  • Ad

    The graphics are poor, lighting effects and shaders are better than GOW 2. But for an Xbox game, it’s ok, it can never compare with PS3 exclusives, it just doesn’t have the calibre.

  • Carlos

    Hahaha, I’ve just read the impresions about the uncharted’s 3 preview at the gamefest in spain, and the people said that is far away the best graphics in a game ever, much better than GOW3, hahah keep talkin xbox360 fanboy

  • Ndra

    i played both of killzone3 and gears of war3. In my opinion, Killzone3’s most amazing graphic is in snow chapter (i For overall graphic, i’d say Gears war3 slighly better.

    If you played this game, you’ll realized that the IN GAME graphic of Gears of war 3 is more amazing than the trailer in this page.

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