Sony E3 Press Conference is Feeling Like The Oscars of Gaming

Sony is the only company making their press conference seem like the Oscars. The official PlayStation E3 2011 website shows a few teasers on what to expect as well as focusing on the NGP. Perhaps an NGP audience in attendance Giveaway? Well, what ever it is, Sony sure knows how to create some serious anticipation with a stylish, yet formal and glowing website that leaves much to the imagination.

By looking at the site, it’s obvious that the NGP will get tons of coverage and made available for preview — but how exactly will they make this E3 press conference better? Beside the massive 5 hours — how about an NGP giveaway for those in attendance? What ever the case, Sony must have something huge prepared for those attending the 5 hour long surprise.

Check out Sony’s E3 2011 Invite website and let us know if you find any hints. Sony E3 2011

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