360 Video Capture Coming to the iPhone

Panoramic video and images have always caught my attention due to the interactive feel one gets out of it. Until now, I have always considered panoramic technology to be quite expensive or hard to achieve. Well, today that has changed — thanks to a new breakthrough device, you can record your very own panoramic video for only $98… and get this, it’s coming to the iPhone!

Kogeto is bringing the ability to record 360 panoramic video on an iPhone with their Dot 360 degree lens attachment. The 360 lens attachment will be available this summer for $98 or an additional Dot and an invitation added to Kogeto’s launch party in NY if you pledge $196. You can pre-order via kickstarter.com Check out the video below.

Don’t forget to check out the 360 videos in action. 360 Videos

[Via Techniglee!]

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