The Most Expensive PS3 Bundle To Date

We may be close to another PlayStation 3 price drop come this June, but there are several PS3 bundles that continue to aggressively increase their value by even surpassing the PS3’s $500-$600 release day price. One PS3 Bundle in particular beats them all — not only is it expensive, but it’s also not an easy find in mint condition.

Feast your eyes on the most expensive PS3 Bundle. If you own any of these Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundles — you may want to consider preserving it.

The 40 GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Kojima PS3 Bundle goes anywhere from $650 – $800, Amazon lowest price is $650, while Ebay has several vendors offering it for up to $800. This Bundle has the best bang for the buck because not only does it come with the limited edition Gun metal PS3, but it also comes with the MGS4: Guns of Patriots Limited Edition This one belongs in a shrine.

PlayStation 3 40GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Gray Kojima Bundle

This bad boy here, “The PlayStation 3 80 GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack” is one tough bundle to find. You may find it used, but in mint condition, you are looking at $750 – $1,000. Amazon’s lowest price is at $750 new. If you check Ebay, this bundle will be rare like Mr. Clean with Hair. Although it’s easy enough to put together this bundle, with a PS3 and MGS4: Guns of patriots, it’s the principle of owning the complete package as it was intended to be released.

PlayStation 3 80 GB Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack

This shows you how important the Metal Gear Solid franchise is to the PS3. Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots is still going strong!

  • Jared

    I own the 80GB MGS4 model and til this day I’m glad I got it. I still make full use of my backwards compatibility-thanks to this version. I’ve been able to finish and play games like GOWII, FFXII, Yakuza 1 and 2, among many others.

    You shouldn’t forget to mention that this isn’t just an 80GB fat PS3, it was the last model with backwards compatibility, although not full 99% compatibility, its been said to play around 85%. At the time it was way cheaper to buy then than to dig out an old 60GB. Aside from MGS4, the backwards compatibility aspect is really what sold me.

  • George

    I have the 80gb MGS4 bundle. got it from the first shiptment of units back in june 2008. its aweosme, never had to return it never failed, no real problems. just sometimes the yellow flashig light stops and i need to restart it. oh did i mention it plays ps2 games, ive played ps2 games on this that i never knew existed wen i actually had a ps2. i sold mgs4 recently. but it was an aweosme game, just no longer interests me. anyways it is a really hard to find version.