PS3 Price Drop is Inevitable. Now is Your Chance to Sell

******Update***** PS3 IS NOW $249.99!!! PS3 Price cut is now LIVE VIA Amazon, check it out! PlayStation 3 160GB System NOW $249.99 FREE Shipping!

If you have been planning on selling your PS3, right now is a perfect time. The biggest Online retailer is offering an incredible amount of money for your 160GB PS3 system. The timing is also right before E3, which is rumored to unveil a new price drop for the system.

Just like stocks, you have to know when to buy or sell your items, and if there was ever any perfect time to get rid of your PS3, right now is the perfect time! (That’s if you are looking to sell, of course). Amazon is currently offering $230.00 for a PS3 160GB Slim system. That’s the best price offer for a used PS3 anywhere.

check it out: Amazon offers $230 for your used PS3!!

  • 3shitty

    good news , time to buy a PS3 and ditch RROD machine

  • jesse van ler

    this is soo dumb of course the price will go down i don’t think anyone expects the price of their ps3 to go up over time you peddo

  • Niko

    Only a retard would sell their Ps3. especially with starhawk coming out next year..
    go back to your hole little fanboy, and play on your precious xbox 360

    price drop is awesome though, means I can pick up a cheap system if mine ever breaks. I don’t think it can though, its been going for 4 and a half years and still no problems