What the Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii 2’s Facial Animations May Look Like

How much more realistic can video games get? Heavy Rain may have showed some of the best video game facial animations known to man, but it’s almost hard to believe that those facial animations were nothing compared to what you are about to witness. Something you might only see on the PS4, Xbox 720 or Wii 2.

Watch it in 720p if possible, the Janimation technology is simply, amazing.

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  • Defective

    That is amazing facial animation. I hope to see that in future games.

  • is this even possible man!?
    its crazy!

  • videopoison90

    With the rumored 6670 going in the Xbox 720 we can kiss these graphics goodbye

  • JaiGuru

    Screw graphics. Pretty images mean nothing when the gameplay sucks and this whole industry is plain tapped dry.