‘Tis The Year of Incredible Video Game Box Art

2011 has already delivered some of the best video games thus far, everything from shooters to puzzle platformers, the year looks like another record breaking year in gaming. One thing that has stood out from other years, has to be the creative video game box art, box art this good hasn’t been seen for a long while now and it’s great to see the marketing teams giving extra efforts on what can help boosts their sale numbers. Check out some of the Video Game cover art that has really stood out this year.

L.A. Noire: The cover says it all. Without even knowing what the game is about, the box art itself tells a story of a man that is a detective, a hot women being a big part of a case — (he probably bangs her) and what seems to be a non-stop detective work day. Looks interesting enough for me. Plus the whole 1940’s look is interesting enough to want me to find out more about the game.


Modern Warfare 3 – What can you say, most Call of Duty covers are top notch, but this new 2011 cover has this look that says it all – “I’m back bitches!”.


The Darkness II – Definitely a huge upgrade from the first game’s box art. Quite possible the best cover of 2011 thus far, but IMO.


Homefront What can you say about this game, other than –what great marketing! The game’s marking campaign sold the game to millions and it all started with that hard cor box art.  If you want to sell a mediocre game to millions, talk to THQ — they may not change your review ratings, but they will definitely sell the game for you thanks to their creative marketing team.


Resistance 3 The teeth are in the shape of New York City! Seriously, how can you top that? Plus the yellow on orange gives it a no bullshit look.

Red Faction Armageddon – THQ is at it again, with another cover that makes you proud you own the game.

Conduit 2 – For a second, I though this game was for a hard core console. Shit is hot!

Catherine – You can’t forget the cover that will make most gamers cream.

And that’s just from what we have seen thus far. Feel free to share your favorite.

  • I agree, there are a lot of bad ass covers lately.