PSN Hack Becomes 2nd Largest Data Breach in History

Names, addresses, passwords, purchase history and credit card numbers stolen is enough to make the PSN hack the 2nd largest Data Breach in History.

By now, the PlayStation Network has definitely made an impact on more people than it ever has before. The impact unfortunately is not a good look for Sony. Never-the-Less with all the security patches and investments Sony has fired up, the PSN may in fact end up being one of the most secured networks today. But, let’s not forget the amounts of money and set-backs Sony is and will continue facing due to this Data Breach.

Needless to say, the PSN hack has cost Sony tons of money, although actual numbers may never be released by Sony, their stock did hurt about 2.8 Billion different ways. The most surprising part of all this has to be the fact that the PSN hack has become the second biggest Data Breach attack in history, only trailing that of the Heartland Payment Systems Credit Card hack from a few years back.

While this has hurt many PS3 gamers across the globe, imagine how this is affecting Sony in general. Not just the PS3, but the Sony brand. This malicious attack escalated to something I am sure most of us didn’t see coming. The 2nd Largest Data Breach in history will never be something to be proud about.

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  • Solidus

    Its not Sony’s fault they were attacked, they’re the victim in this just as much as any individual who gets robbed, or bank held up. Its not going to have a significant impact either on their stock and will bounce back from this in no time at all and be better for it too.