Conduit 2 Review

Game: Conduit 2
Genre: First Person Shooter
System: Nintendo Wii
Review by: Denoch

Mr. Michael Ford returns once again after defeating the Drudge and getting betrayed by Adams, The Conduit 2 take place immediately after the first one and Ford is the only one that is able to stop any plans of the Drudge taking control over Earth. The Conduit 2 marks in another exclusive to the Wii, in a attempt to attract more “hardcore” audience with its motion controls mixed in with the First Person Shooter genre. While the quality is quite good for the Wii console, the game is still limited by the hardware capabilities, not to take away anything from the game itself, we will go more into detail if this game is worth buying or renting.


Story- The story opens with Mr. Ford following John Adams through the Conduit with his little sphered friend and arriving at an offshore oil rig where they encounter the Leviathan creature, Adams manages to escape the rig through another conduit. Mr. Ford must pursue Adams and stop him from stealing energy from other progenitors who wishes to use its power to destroy the Ship. In the process Ford will have to traverse through different conduits which will take him to Atlantis, Washington D.C., Siberia, the Amazon, England, and China.
Ford himself will also try to find the progenitors and keep them safe from Adams, but things wont always go as planned and many will either turn hostile or sacrifice themselves in give their energy to Ford in order to defeat Adams who is quickly becoming very powerful. It is up to Ford and you the player to destroy Adams intentions and seize the remaining power that he has stole.

Graphics- You have to keep in mind that the Conduit 2 is a Wii title and try not to compare it to any other game on the 360 or PS3, doing so will be completely unfair. If you put it up against games like Golden Eye 007 or Red Steel 2 than I would have to say that it is a good competitor against them especially Golden Eye but still falls a little short behind Red Steel 2. Some of the animation of the enemies feels predictable and not worth guessing of what they are going to do, there were in some instances where they just stood in place, making them easy targets or maybe target practice. It is a little bit of both worlds, some of the environment looked quite creative but some of the hallways or corridors felt a little recycled after you saw them the first time.


Gameplay- For the most part, motion controls on a FPS like Conduit 2 is fun and accurate , especially with the Motion Plus but can still be difficult to play for the first couple of hours because you have to get used to playing it without the traditional controller, not to mention that it can be tiring and will force you to play in small increments at a time. For those that can’t play the new style of gaming and just want to sit back and enjoy the game without the cardio than you can plug your classic controller pro and game away, I don’t know about you guys but playing with a controller is my gaming style.

Multiplayer- There is a full 12- player online mode and a four player co op split screen mode, along with a survival online mode, all this is good and dandy just to keep the longevity of the game but after only playing two or three matches you will be done with it and move on to the next hottest game. There really isn’t much to keep me “hooked”, all of the effort seems like it was done on the single player which is good because that is where it starts but the multiplayer leaves more to be desired.


Sound- The music on the Conduit 2 is a mixture of what it appears to be a little bit of ambient music but then it picks up on the beat as you engage in fire fights. The voice acting is above average with the characters doing a good job but Mr. Ford feeling a little detached from the plot, maybe he should have stayed as a silent protagonist.

Wishes or Changes- I wish I could decide whether or not I like the plot, while the premise of the Conduit looks a little new as far as an original story goes, I still don’t know what is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are doing at the end of the game. It seems cheesy in a way but kind of cool. I wish that this game could be done on the big boy consoles, the idea and effort is there and I think that it can be done on other console without the limitations of the Wii.


TQ bottom line- The bottom line is that if you only own a Wii and are itching to play a FPS with precision motion controls than you owe it to yourself to buy this game or play it with the classic controller, but if you own any other console besides the Wii than you might want to rent it rather than buy it. Simple as that.

FINAL SCORE: 3 out of 5 Michelas!

Conduit 2
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Sega
Metacritic: 66
MSRP: $49.99 or $46.99 FREE Shipping via Amazon – Conduit 2