Neo Geo Made out of 100% Walnut

As a kid I always knew that the Neo Geo was this high priced console that either nobody in my neighborhood  could afford or it didn’t get stocked at our stores. I always wondered what the big deal about the Neo Geo was anyway, I mean – there was a Nintendo and a Genesis, the Neo Geo was more of a mythical gaming system that nobody had experienced at the time, let alone own one.  Well, looking back at the console today explains why this console was so expensive. This console was a graphical beast – the Bentley of consoles in the 90’s. Today I literally got “wood” after finding out that the Neo Geo is back in 100% Walnut wood form. check it out

Analogue Interactive has recently opened their online store and the only item up for sale right now, is none other than a Neo Geo console made out of 100% Walnut wood. Yes, the damn thing is still expensive, but man- does this look so good. Maybe, just maybe – I will experience the Neo Geo someday.

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