Twitter To Take Over TweetDeck – $50 Million Deal

Well it’s about damn time! Personally, Tweet Deck is the desktop and mobile twitter client/app of choice and it shows with its well supported and easy layout that packs some detailed twitter functions not found on no other. For those that have yet to try it, give it a shot (Tweetdeck) and you too will realize how great Twitter can be with a full, clean page of #-@-d- and profiles to keep you “well informed”. Today, rumor has it that Twitter will be buying TweetDeck for about $40-$50 Millions big ones. Congrats to TweetDeck and Congrats to Twitter for winning the actual bid, apparently there were others interested in TweetDeck.

Via – Techcrunch.

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  • thats crazy. I always liked using TweetDeck instead of the Twitter App.