Microsoft Capitalizing While PSN is Down – FREE 1600 Live Points with New Game

Microsoft has just unleashed an incredible deal, starting today and ending on March 15th May 15th, when you purchase any game $29.99 and up, you instantly get a 1600 Xbox LIVE point card via the Microsoft store, but that’s not all, apparently some of the $9.99 games are also eligible for this incredible deal.

Check it out:

Click here: Microsoft Store
Add a qualifying game to cart
1600 Xbox Live Points will be added automatically
Proceed thru checkout

This comes at a perfect time, especially with the recent Xbox 360 Deals that Amazon has made available, where you buy any Xbox 360 and receive a $50 Bonus Credit and an additional 1600 Xbox Live Points card. See here: Get $50 Bonus Credit and 1600 Xbox LIVE points on any Xbox 360 Purchase

Portal 2 Only $34.99 FREE Shipping (Xbox, PS3)

  • Seems like there aren’t any left :

    ”We’re sorry but Xbox LIVE 1600 Points is currently out of stock and cannot be added to your cart. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

  • Filty

    Why Xbox Live points? Why not give away free 3 month Xbox Live cards? Because if it’s Xbox Live points Microsoft is assuming they already have or will buy the Xbox Live service.

    • Anonymous

      Not true. You can use Microsoft Points when you are only using the Xbox Live Silver function, which is free and you only need to be connected to the internet. The only thing that you can’t do with a silver account that you need a gold account for is play online multiplayer games

      • Filty

        Ok, gamers can use Microsoft points with a free Silver account, I understand that part. But if I was an Xbox Live marketing strategist I would want to persuade PSN users to subscribe to Xbox Live (during this time that PSN is down) and it seems more logical to give them a free 3 month subscription so they can have the full experience of Xbox Live. Just an opinion, I’m not debating.

  • Eh?

    The silver service is free to everyone with a 360 and broadband. You can use your free points without having to pay for the gold service.

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  • Krazydopy

    well i think this is interesting xbox is doing this when psn network is going to come back online this week. that should tell u something, microsoft is worried about the welcome back program. i own both systems and played gears of war 3 beta while psn was down. it sucked. went back to playing socom 4 until psn is back up. i will pick sony over microsoft any day of the week.

  • Ben

    This is so awesome…or it would be if my 360 didn’t get a red ring of Death yesterday. I really don’t feel like spilling over 300 freaking dollars right now, I’m still saving up to pay for my new laptop and 3DS.

  • strawbery

    ^gears 3 beta did not suck…. you sire, are drunk

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  • Pissedoff

    Thats crap….i just bought an eligible game 2 days ago….and now they come out with this deal……..called customer support and no help from them…..they didnt even know that this deal was going on

  • Davy

    God damn, that was fast! Offer scheduled for two weeks and “available while supplies last.” They apparently didn’t even last two days! MS was either way underprepared for it, or got waaaaayyy too much business!

  • dennis

    youre dumb as ***.. psn wont pay 300 for an xbox just cuz the psn is down ****