Sony’s PlayStation Network Hacking Making World Wide News – It’s Bigger than the Royal Wedding

By now, every hardcore PS3 gamer is fully aware about the hacking issue that the PlayStation network is undergoing. While it’s great to spread the word via gaming blogs and websites, many PS3 owners may not even know what’s going on. The general PS3 population will probably never visit a gaming site. Fortunately for the general PS3 population, this PSN hacking issue is finally making world wide news.

The BBC is covering the PSN issues extremely well and up to date via their website, online radio and news coverage. Making Sony’s news the hottest breaking news beating every other news including the Royal Wedding.

CNN is fully covering and updating their site with every detail possible.

And it continues… Every huge website around the world immediately started to make this a breaking news after learning that over 77 million PlayStation network customers may have their credit card details put at risk as well as their birthday, name, address, e-mail address and passwords.

At this time, spreading the word about the hacking issues to parents, friends, colleagues may help prevent or at the very least prepare them to deal with any identity theft issues.

Please spread the word.


**Update** Even local LIVE news is opening with the PSN story. This is could either be good for the PlayStation brand or very very bad.

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