Return of the PSN – SOCOM 4’s Time to Shine and Kratos’ Time To Kill

Some of the hottest video games released this past week; Portal 2, SOCOM 4 and Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately for PS3 gamers, PSN’s outage has prevented some of the most anticipated PS3 titles from getting some multiplayer love. But now that the PSN should be back up soon, it’s time to decide what game will get first dibs on the PSN.

SOCOM 4! Well, let’s face it, SOCOM 4 is meant to be played online, the PSN’s unfortunate outage might have impacted SOCOM 4’s release, but in due time, the celebration for the return of SOCOM multiplayer will be here and all will be forgotten.

We want some Kratros! – Mortal Kombat on the PS3 has the exclusive Kratos character and while it’s fun to play single player, taking Kratos online to slice up some opponents across the globe should be the ultimate experience.

What PS3 Game are you looking forward to go online with first?



  • SOCOM. I was doing so well the first 2 days it was out….sick of Single Player

  • Kapado

    Eu Bastards.I actually thought PSN was back on , I was gonna get out of bed. Smh

  • Katros