Maybe It’s Time to Join Xbox LIVE or Build a New Gaming PC

Being a cheap bastard, I have always appreciated the FREE PlayStation Network Sony provides for gamers on the PS3. Surely, I have a few complaints and annoyances, but at the end of the day the PSN was worth every imaginary penny. Kind of funny to say it, but heck, just like the good ‘ol saying “you get what you pay for”.

I never paid attention or at the very least let the fanboyism arguments allow it to make my decisions on jumping on either side of the networks, but I will admit that going through multiple Xbox 360 red rings forcefully pushed me to the PSN more often than Xbox LIVE. I for one didn’t initially agree on the $50 Xbox LIVE Fee and seriously thought that Sony was doing something right by offering their online service, for free, despite the number of lacking features.

Today as I read about the PSN outage issues, I sit back and think of my experiences with both Xbox LIVE and the PSN and have come to realize a few things. First, the PSN is still FREE for those who never jumped on the PSN+ subscription, which is the larger number of PSN users, yes it sucks that we can’t game online, but you do get what you pay for and for those who paid for PSN+ I’m sure you will get some discount or free month added to your wallet. Nothing is perfect and shit like this will happen.

Second – Wouldn’t this be a a perfect world if there was only one online gaming network, ok – obviously not perfect, but Microsoft and Sony joining forces would be the ultimate online gaming experience. As far as outages go, well with 2 companies working together, I’m sure the the network’s up time would be amazing.

– PC Gaming will never die! (That’s it and the truth)

At the end of the day, I am blessed and grateful for being able to afford multiple consoles and having the ability to upgrade my PC. Being a gamer shouldn’t be about a certain side, it’s about the experience you go through and the satisfaction you get out of it. So, while the PSN is currently down, maybe it’s time to join Xbox LIVE or Maybe it’s time to build a new PC, which ever the case, many gaming experiences are out there, you just have to reach out and grab ’em.

It feels good to love ’em all!

  • Fiesta

    Come on man, PSN is not down because of poor maintenance, PSN is down because it got hacked. Do you really think that XBL is unhackable or something? What has MS done that has ever been unckable? If XBL hasn’t been hacked is because hackers have had no reasons to do it.

    And wasn’t XBL down for a few days a couple of years in one of the busiest months ever (december)? Fanboys often love to forget stuff like this:!224710/xbox-live-goes-down and it’s shameful that stuff like that hapened and it wasn’t because of hacking but problems with their own servers.

  • Toby

    I have to agree though. barely miss the PSN because I have other consoles. Xbox LIVE is down, just jump on PSN, PSN is down just jump on my PC. I can see why many PS3 gamers areupset because that’s the only console they have.

    And a joint network sounds interesting, but I doubt Sony would ever give in. Don’t quote me but I believe there was a rumor that Microsoft was willing to join forces.

    • Fuck this shit

      All right Toby. Where did you get that information from? Your Toaster?

      Microsoft/Sony would never establish an alliance. Ps3 network is down yes and its really annoying. But then i just screw around in RDR and GTA IV/Bio shock. I owe an Xbox 360 and an Xbox old and a Playstation 3. And of course a PC.

      But then in fact.

      Xbox Live was down in 11 days and was forced to give free stuff away. In fact THEY GAVE FREE STUFF AWAY. But that was also a server broke down or human fail. Some says it was a DDOS attack.

      Playstation Networks. Has been HACKED, its two goddamn different things. Why? I dont know. Some says that after the 2nd day Sony turned the key manual some But sony says its the hackers fault. I guess that Sonys people working overtime to get this up and running again. Its much harder than it looks like. In fact the same then we see footage from the war in Afghanistan, looks peacefully. But my dad came home and was shocked over what he saw down there.

  • BobTheWizard

    Any network can be expected to have an outage from time to time, but this is more than just maintenance. With the posted messages directed to Sony lately, you gotta know that they are working on trying to get more control of their systems and block attacks.
    At my house, we have the Wii and PS3. The Wii is more for the family, and the PS3 has multiple uses, and is more what I use to game with.
    Each night after I get home from work I check to see if the PSN is back up, which for the past 3 nights, is isn’t. I’m having to rethink the multiple uses that I depend on the PS3 for.
    If Sony can be influenced to this extent, I can’t help but wonder (sadly) where this is all going to end. Perhaps a joining of forces would be a good thing.

  • TheGamingArt

    What is this crap? Does anyone remember the Christmas Live was down for 2 weeks. You people are disgusting.

  • WhoDat?

    Hmmm where to start. I was purposely avoiding these silly blurbs on N4g that go something like this;

    “Why Xbox will see EPIC (fill in the blank) users because of this ‘fail’ by Sony since its obvious that they didn’t pay their electric bill or they forget to tell the network admins to watch the servers or maybe its time to switch to a paid service since they never go down ( or how this is EPIC FAIL on Sony for something, something dark side”.


    I have both services and every though I fell PSN is a better deal since its FREE!?!, I don’t understand why everyone is jumping to conclusions without us seeing why this happened or more importantly, IF someone was responsible for this. I am looking at you know who 🙂

    Go ahead people, pay your $60 bucks a year if this downtime upsets you that much. Everyone has down time here and there so I don’t see why this is a bigger deal than anyone else. 

    Go outside. Like Desz sez build a PC of something.



  • Come on man?!

    being a cheap bastard? dude u got a pc a xbox and a ps3 and u think about upping ur pc and u say ur a cheap bastard? like , who r u kidding? this is fanboyism with self counter arguments to make it slide. dislike

  • Epic sony FAIL

    sonyfanboys, you get what you pay for… PSN has always been a shoddy ‘service’.

    sony do NOT respect their customers, the YLOD shows this, Microsoft paid up for the rrod… sony made their customers pay for YLOD.

    Just buy an Xbox ps3fanboys… Jump In… play on a decent Network… XBOXLIVE ALL THE WAY !!!

    • Marx

      You better pray that Microsoft doesn`t grow some balls and sue a few hackers… I support Sony even more now because they have the guts to fight those butthurt basement dwellers.

    • Portugueseotaku

      Whos the fanboy over here? Paying 60$ a year to play games online?
      Id rather keep buying ps3/pc games and buying new videocards.
      Xbox live fails. BIG TIME.

  • Tom Ato

    I’d rather spend this “Downtime” playing all the fantastic single – player exclusive games the PS3 offers then pay £40 a year just to play multi – platform games on the 360.

  • kobby


  • boomchicka

    I cant believe this! PS3 fan boys always critisize when xbox fan boys defend the xboxs short comings but now their doing the same thing & we will have fun playing OUR xbox exclusives & the big name multiplatform games that we get new & exclusive content for months before ps3 users do. GEARS3 FTW! Also PC gaming FTW!