MadCatz 3DS Traveler Bag / Stylus & Screen Protector Pak Review

Product: 3DS Traveler Bag / Stylus & Screen Protector Pak
Manufacturer: MadCatz
Review By: Illmatic

With the recent release of the Nintendo 3DS it was only a matter of time before MadCatz released some third party goodies. The 3DS Traveler Bag, Styli and Screen Protectors are all officially licensed Nintendo products, manufactured and distributed by MadCatz.

3DS Traveler Bag

What is It? The 3DS Traveler Bag is a zippered bag that holds your 3DS, games, extra styli, charger and any other 3DS accessories that you wish to carry around.

How’s the Quality? The 3DS Traveler Bag is made of a micro-suede material and a tough cloth-like material. The stitching on the bag has been done with quality in mind, it is straight and holds the micro-suede pieces tightly in place. The inside of the bag is made of padded foam that is wrapped in a durable cotton material. Underneath the lid of the bag is a storage compartment where you can store your 3DS/DS games. The games are held in place with a very durable feeling elastic band. I have to admit, for being a carrying bag, this is definitely a well put together piece.

What’s so Special About It? The 3DS Traveler Bag can hold up to 21 of your favorite 3DS/DS games. This is great news for those people that like to take a big portion of their collection with them everywhere they go. This bag also holds two extra styli as well as your charger. In addition to that, it has extra storage compartments for you to store whatever you like. I choose to store my credit cards, driver’s license and social security card in this extra compartment. <---Just Kidding Should I Buy It? This is a definite buy for sure. If you are looking for a stylish way to carry around your 3DS and games then you have to do it with the 3DS Traveler Bag from MadCatz. This bag comes in four flavors and is reasonably priced at just $19.99!


Screen Protector

What is It? The Stylus & Screen Protector Pak is a set of three styli and four screen protectors for the Nintendo 3DS.

How’s the Quality? The styli feel exactly like the stylus that came with my Nintendo 3DS. The extend exactly the same way and the build quality feels identical. The screen protectors went on smoothly and left no air bubbles on either of my screens. This set comes with four screen protectors, two for the top screen and two for the bottom screen.

What’s so Special About It? There really isnt anything too special about the styli that come with the pack. They do have different colored tips and bottoms, so if you’re tired of the standard black one you can switch it out with one of these bad boys. The screen protectors look as if there is nothing there, which is a huge plus.

Should I Buy It? I would definitely buy this awesome combo pack, even if it’s for the screen protectors alone. They are a steal at this price and they come with extra styli as a bonus! At $9.99 I feel like this is a hard offer to pass.