The Portal 2 PlayStation 3 = Steam

With Steam finally coming to the PlayStation 3, Valve has released an easy to follow guide to help all PS3 users connect to Steam via Portal 2. In case you were not aware, the PS3 version of Portal 2 which comes out this coming Tuesday April 19 will have Steam support, which will give you access to play with PC or Mac gamers via Steam.

Portal 2 $54.99 with Free Shipping and a Bonus Credit of $20.

Among the features available in the Steam Overlay on PlayStation®3:

• Play cross-platform from your PlayStation®3 with Steam friends on Windows or Mac.
• Access your Steam friends list, enabling you to chat with, add, or remove Steam friends.
• Access redeemed downloadable content registered in Windows or Mac, and vice-versa
• View your Steam friends’ community profiles.
• View your earned Steam Achievements, as well as global achievement stats, for Portal 2.
• See the latest news and announcements for Portal 2.

Check out the complete Steam Guide here: PS3 Steam (Portal 2) Guide