PS3 320GB Move Bundle for only $100 More than 3DS. Better Buy?

The crazy thing about this deal is that the Nintendo 3DS releases for $249.99. If you think about it, a complete 320GB PS3 console with tons of features and PlayStation Move for only $349.99 ($100 more than a 3DS), sounds pretty good right now. What do you think is the better bang for your buck?

Check out this Amazon deal: PlayStation 3 320GB with PlayStation Move Bundle $349.99 FREE Shipping

PS3 or 3DS

  • Move is an EPIC FAIL

    Why would the wiimove change my mind over the Nintendo 3DS?!!

    It’s the though of playing all those awesome exclusives on Move isn’t?! You actually believe that people can’t wait to get their hands on the move? Serious? Wow… what a deluded sonyfanboy.

    3DS wins hands down… the ps3 has been a massive fail since it’s launch… and the Move just hammers that point home… FAIL.