There has been lots of talk around the web regarding the Crysis 2 PS3 and Xbox 360 comparison, some say the Xbox 360 version looks better, while others claim that the PS3 is far superior. While it’s great to have these types of arguments right before the game releases, let’s not forget that the truth is…Killzone 3 wipes the floor with the Crysis 2 console screens and remains the best looking FPS on a console this generation. check out the comparison and screens.

Here are the recent PS3/360 Crysis 2 screens by VGhq, but Look below for the real Graphical King!

Killzone 3 Screens. (Click on Images to see full size)

In conclusion, whether you buy it for the PS3 or Xbox 360, the game will look great, but just remember that there is a bigger beast out in the wild. Unless you get the PC version of course. But you decide.

Killzone 3 is only $24.99 FREE Shipping!

Crysis 2 – PlayStation 3 – $33.19