Homefront Review

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PS3
Review By: Illmatic

THQ has brought us one of the most anticipated games this year with Homefront. When Homefront was announced gamers went wild with the plot and went even wilder with the gameplay videos. Although war in a first person shooter isn’t a new concept, Homefront promised to be different. Does Homefront keep its promise by offering us a fresh new experience, or does it fail by giving us what we have already seen before?

Story/Gameplay: Homefront opens up with a cinematic showing us what has happened in the last 15 years. Apparently a lot has happened in the last 15 years; North Korea and South Korea have joined forces and are now Greater Korea, the United States’ economy has crumbled, and all hell is breaking loose. This unified Korea has launched an attack on our beloved America and it is up to us to protect our homefront, see what I did there. Homefront does something that few games are capable of doing, it messes with your emotions. There are many elements thrown into the game that make you feel weird. Maybe its the paranoia of imagining our homeland actually being attacked, or maybe its the use of familiar stores and brands that make the environments seem so real. Homefront isn’t about fighting Koreans in a jungle or beach, no, Homefront has you ravishing through homes, empty department stores, and abandoned warehouses, killing anyone that gets in your way. As for gameplay, Homefront plays like your average shooter and really doesn’t add anything new to the genre.

Graphics: Homefront has some pretty bad looking environments and character models. This really surprised me as I imagined this title would look a hell of a lot better than it does. The graphics aren’t the worst I’ve seen, but they are definitely not up to par with todays biggest titles. I also noticed a lot of screen tearing during gameplay and at times, big drops in the frame rate.

Sound: The voice acting in Homefront is mediocre. It’s not an award winning cast but it does the job. On the other hand, the sound effects in the game are done pretty good. The guns dont all sound the same and the ambient sounds in the environment paint an awesome mental picture in your head of what your surroundings might actually sound like if you were there. Without spoiling anything I will mention this, there was one sound that actually creeped me out was the crying baby.

Wishes: There are a few things that I would want in a Homefront sequel. First off, I’d like some nice graphics that actually look like a next gen game. Next, I would want a single player campaign that lasts more than 5 hours. It seems like games these days are getting shorter and shorter, or maybe I’m just getting better and better. Whatever the case, this game is a little too short. Because of the game’s engrossing story I feel like the short lived campaign is the biggest disappointment the game has.

TQ Bottom Line: If you are looking for a fresh story coupled with tried and true gameplay mechanics, then Homefront will definitely be worth your time, assuming you have 5 hours to play it. I feel like Homefront is a good solid rental as I cant justify paying full price for this title, you might want to wait for a price drop.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5 Michelas!

Developer: KAOS Studios
Publisher: THQ
Metacritic: 75
MSRP: $59.99

  • Matt

    You want better graphics? I just played it, with a 2 year old excellent gaming machine, and I don’t know how you could get THAT much better and still play, since my fans were working overtime at points..

    Seriously, bitching about the graphics has me baffled. I guess you must be some sort of huge graphical elitist, because that is as good as any game I’ve seen.

  • Matt

    Although I did play it on PC. Maybe the PS3 version is weak.