Dungeons Review

Game: Dungeons
Genre: RTS
System: PC
Reviewed by: CrazyJ

This is a game that breaks all rules in gaming. You are not supposed to save a queen, kill a bad guy, or even finish a race. You are a dungeon lord that invites good guys in and then kills them. You are a bad guy in this game. This game is somewhat of a remake of an older but awesome series, Dungeon Keeper. Will Dungeons be a good game to buy for PC this year, or is your 40 bucks better off in your gas tank if you live on the west coast.

Story:The plot of this game is not very hard to understand at all. You have this ugly dungeon lord that has a bunch of gold. He is ugly but rich, so he gets all the girls anyway. He gets this super hot girlfriend right, and most people would say shes only after him for his money. Then you have your best friend which happens to be a peg-leg goblin. He tries to tell you that your girlfriend is after your gold and planning to overthrow you. Of course, you dismiss these news as just being from an over jealous friend. I mean, your girlfriend is hot and he is ugly and broke. Why would you listen to him.

Low and behold, your ugly goblin friend was right. Your hot girlfriend Kalypso has betrayed you and sent a bunch of heroes to overtake your dungeon. Your goal now is to protect your dungeon or your dungeon heart from being destroyed.

There it is, the whole story in a nutshell. This would have been a good story for like a .99 cent Iphone game.

Gameplay:You have to design a dungeon that would be appealing to heroes. This way they come in and indulge themselves, and right when they are about to leave you have to capture them and put them in a cell. You then Drain their soul that they built up while enjoying the many attraction you set up in your dungeon. Besides getting their soul, you sometimes get additional gold that they had before they came into your dungeon.

You entertain heroes by having gold and other objects placed around your dungeon. The objects are often pointless and insignificant. For ex: a light fixture, portrait, decoration, etc. There is a big list of these irrelevant distractions for heroes.To place these is no easy task when you have multiple heroes in your dungeon and you have to micro manage everything with a character that is slower than molasses.

You then place some pentagrams around so you extend your level of influence in your dungeon. When you do this you can also have monsters go these new areas. You can use monsters to help you kill the heroes before they leave and put them in a cell to drain their soul energy. The gameplay quickly gets repetitive and tedious.

Graphics:The graphics are passable. When you zoom in on characters you can see some pix-elation and rough edges. There really isn’t much going on in the screen to justify such poor graphics.

Sound:The characters voices were not good at all. The best sounding character was the peg-leg goblin, and he would get very annoying at times reminding you of tasks to do while your being slayed by two heroes. The sound here I would say is passable mainly because I can opt to mute it and play some Pandora in the background.

Wishes:I really don’t know what to say about this game. It looks like they put a lot of work into the design of the gameplay mechanics, but at the end it was to much that it wasn’t manageable. I would say that Realmforge studios needs to have more relevant objects and a more captivating story. In reality, the whole game could use an overhaul.

TQ Bottom Line:Don’t buy it.

Final Score: 2 out of 5 Michelas!

Game: Dungeons
Publisher: Kalypso
Studio: Realforge Studios
MSRP: $39.99