Crazyj’s Wednesday Money tip

You have 20 bucks laying around, and you really didn’t have anything planned for Mr. Jackson. If your like me and broke the 20 dollars probably wont make you or break you at this point. The interesting thing is that you don’t want anything that’s within the 20 dollar price point. There is something that you could do with these 20 dollars that wont have you pulling your hairs in regret after some impulsive purchase.

Think of your up-most favorite store and go there and buy a gift card. This gift card is for you, and you only. You are now happy because you spent your 20 dollars and even happier because now you have a 20 dollar gift card to your favorite store. I think amazing how we think something is free when we pay with a gift card. This way its a lot easier to spend on something that you want and don’t need. This tip isn’t necessarily the best money tip for your 20 dollars, others would say to save it. I say 2012 is almost here, spend it.