Apple Certified Refurbished 16GB WiFi iPad for $349!!!

Yes we know the iPad 2 just released but if you can see through all the razzle-dazzle of their newest “upgrade,” you will see that you are pretty much getting the same thing as the first generation iPad.

Does an iPad have a camera? No. But your cell phone does! Are you really planning on capturing film with a gigantic device or a more smaller manageable phone which will not make you look like a nerd.

Well…if you still not sold, go buy an iPad 2 but if you are looking for the best bargain in the tablet market right now, head on over to Apple’s Official website and visit the store.

Both refurbished units and new units have dropped in price. You can pick up an Apple certified refurbished 16GB WiFi only iPad for just $349.  Not bad for a top selling device with a few new parts and a full year warranty.

So what are you waiting for? This is a deal even a Droidhead could love…especially after a little jailbreaking.

Click here for Refurbished iPads link.

  • V8SuperCars

    What a fantastic idea litigator, intact it’s such a great idea that I’m posting this message on a iPad that I got at a super reduced price of over $250 less than retail that’s almost half price of the iPad a week ago or the upcoming ipad2. The iPad is a blast and goes beyond what my iPhone can do. For a few features like camera that I have on my phone and dedicated cameras plus im not fussed about speed the iPad is on par with my iPhone 3GS so why would I pay an extra 250 for that? Plus all covers and skins were 50% off double bonus. As the article states now is a great time to save mega bucks on the same thing minus a few not needed features.