TQcast Presents: Netflix Weekly

Welcome back to the next installment of Netflix Weekly where we cover the latest stories concerning everybody’s favorite service…or maybe not. Check out the stories this week and see what may stand in the way of complete Netflix domination.

Amazon takes on Netflix with Video Streaming Service (TQcast)

Amazon Prime News Wipe Billions from Netflix’s Market Cap (Hacking Netflix)

Daybreakers, Grown Ups, and Hellboy Now on Netflix Instant Streaming (Instantwatcher)

CBS and Netflix Announce Two-Year Licensing Agreement For Library Content (Netflix Blog)

Clicker Compares Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Other Video Services (Clicker Blog)

Netflix Hires Former Telecom Regulators as Canadian Lobbyists (Bloomberg)

Netflix New Releases for March 1, 2011 (Hacking Netflix)

Survey: 32% of Netflix Subs Would Switch to Amazon Prime (Home Media Magazine)