Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll Review

Game: Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
Genre: RPG
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Denoch

Trinity is one of those games that tries do to things differently and change up the RPG elements that seem to be dying out in popularity. While the previous games in the Zill O’ll franchise were turn based, Trinity looks away and wants to stand out from its siblings into the hack and slash genre mixed with the leveling up, questing, and dungeon exploring that we all still somehow love to do. The team behind this project is Omega Force, they have also brought us the Dynasty Warriors franchise, along with the Fist of the North Star game.


Story: On the continent of Vyashion there are many types of races, the most predominant are humans, elves, and vampires. There is also two empires, one located in the north and the other one located in the south. The prophecy has been foretold by Chancellor Zofor that the evil king Barlor will perish by the hands of his grandson, filled with fear and taking preliminary action against the possibility of that happening he orders his soldiers to search and kill his pregnant daughter, and son along with his two young grandsons. The evil king succeeds in killing his daughter and her offspring but fails in eliminating his grandsons although in the process the son dies trying to protect his family. Time passes and now you are in control of Areus a young half human half elf gladiator that is trying to gain experience, wisdom, and power to avenge his own father who was slain by the evil King Balor.


Graphics: Trinity has two types of perspectives, the towns and cities that you visit are done in 2D along with the shopping and the conversations that you encounter at the pubs. Most of the talking are in subtitles with very little voice acting, unless there is a cutscene which usually take place either in battle or in a dungeon. The cutscenes are few and are only done to represent the main story line, the CGI almost has like a dark shade on some characters and on some of the outline of the camera. I wasn’t impressed with the exploring and character models when you are fighting goblins or a Cyclops, the graphics on the 3D world look at a bare minimum and are not enough to compete with such stellar games like Final Fantasy XIII. The overall look of the game is mediocre at best and cant compete with all those heavy hitters


Gameplay: For all intents and purposes, Trinity is a RPG deep down in its soul, in battle it is a hack and slash fighter with magic at your disposal which actually works very clever I must say so myself. You can do all the mapping on the Square, Triangle, and Circle with a secondary when you press the R2 button. You can map regular attacks, skill sets, magic like fire or ice and use them according to your playing style. There is not much to it really, do gain money or experience you must do quests that are handed down at the Adventurers Guild, from there you go to dungeon type locations and fight off the local beasts that swarm the place. There is usually 3 areas to explore but once you reach the final boss of that area, all you wan to do is quickly get out of there.


Sound: The sound production is actually quite good, the music in the game is difficult to explain but if you have played the traditional RPG then it will sound familiar to you. I didn’t have much of a problem with the voice acting, maybe because there isn’t much compare to the subtitles. The sound quality is not perfect but it will pull you into the world of Vyashion.


The Platinum Road: When it comes to trophies I always check what are the requirements to getting a Platinum Trophy, and determined how difficult or many hours I will invest to make that possible or if I should move on to the next available Platinum. With this game I will give you a quick run down of my opinion on the few things you must know to get that Plat. The difficulty on getting all the trophies are 4/10, they are quite easy but on the down side it takes time, for example, reach level 99 with every character(there are 3 of them), or travel to all dungeon and cities. In the end it is easy but time consuming, prepare according to your dedication.


Wishes or Changes: The graphics need some serious face lift if they want to compete with other RPG’s out there, with the price tag, it must be able to go head to head with games like last years title Mass Effect 2. The story we all have heard is not that original, another hero seeking revenge is quite linear with no plot twist or any type deep emotional connection to the characters.

TQ bottom line: In the end, Trinity is good for a rental or a purchase when the price drops to $20 or below, for the trophies it is a good game but the trade off is hours and hours of grinding in the dungeons. RPG fans only (or trophy whores)

FINAL SCORE: 2.5 out of 5 Michelas!

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: KOEI
Metacritic: 56
MSRP: $59.99