iPhone 5 Screen Leaked – Shows Bigger Screen for Gaming and more

How much better can the iPhone get in today’s competitive market? The iPhone 4 is a beast, clearly, but arguably the best smart phone and mobile gaming device in the market, but what else can Apple introduce to give the next iPhone the edge in today’s competitive world? How about a bigger screen without changing the size of the phone? Now that’s a better gaming experience indeed.

An image posted in the iDealschina Forums was recently mentioned as “China’s first iPhone 5 photo, showing the bezel shot of what is rumored to be the Apple’s next iPhone due out this summer. For the record, iDealsChina have a pretty good track record when it comes to iPhone leaks. 9to5 Mac believes the leaked photo depicts a digitizer for the iPhone 5′s touch screen. The bezel of the pictured digitizer is much thinner than that of the iPhone 4.

This new feature if it turns out to be true, will indeed be an incredible feature for all iPhone gamers. A bigger screen is always better.

This is what it could look like. (mock-up image)

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  • I thunk the screen should be a little bigger. Look at the EVO, that sceen is beast

    • anon

      But look at the EVO battery life, it is anything but beast.

      • I only mentioned screen size, nobody said anything about the battery life. I would never buy an EVO, but that doesnt make the screen any less attractive. TROLL

        • take a mothafukin chill pill, Illmatic, no need to call him a troll, it’s just a comment

  • mantas

    i thought i read somewhere that they were going to do away with the home button. should they do that the phone will look much nicer than the mockup illustrated here.

    • I agree. The home button is really not necessary. Use as much of the front for the screen.

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  • sammy

    at first i was going to say that the front camera is on the wrong side of the screen, Then i remembered, it could just be flipped

    Wel i think apple should keep the home button, it really is better having a physical clicking button

    and i would like to that, all i want is a 4 inch screen iphone

  • Phil

    Something tells me Apple will be introducing edge-to-edge screens with its next generation of iPhone, and nixing the Home button. The rumored iPhone mini will feature a screen the size of the current iPhone models but will still be smaller due to the edge-to-edge tech.


  • Bob

    I think this is just Apple creaming as much money and flogging a now dead horse. Ipod touch = iphone without a phone but all the functionallity, Ipad = just a large touch/iphone without the phone.
    Apple are running out of ideas (bare withme) The iphone couldn’t play video files, so they fitted it to the next one. Iphone 3, then the Iphone 3g and then the 3GS, all had things added that other phone makers had already included in their phones. The Ipad doesn’t have a camera, but the ipad2 will. The iphone4 doesn’t have HDMI output (no it doesn’t) and can’t do 1080p video – other phones do, but still people spend loads of money on buying one.
    Why do you thing Apple release a new product every year?? because the apple lemmings keep buying them.
    Apple… come up with something new for crying out loud.

  • Quite interesting. I’d never buy another iPhone but I do think this is a step in the right direction. Maybe it will push Android phone makers to push even further with their own physical tech.

    I’m still holding out for an iPad 2 though. I wanted to carry both OS around with me, but it doesn’t look like the iPad 2 will be worth making the purchase. Perhaps edge-to-edge glass will debut on the iPad 2 yet?

  • christopherjakins

    seems like a crop to me