SOCOM 4 PS Move Sharpshooter Bundle is One of the Best PS3 Bundles Yet

Now this is what you call a bundle! The SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition comes loaded with everything needed for war! You get the game, a complete PlayStation Move setup which includes the PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Move navigation controller, PlayStation Eye camera and the awesome PlayStation Move sharp shooter.

The SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition is currently available for pre-order by Amazon for $149.99 with free shipping and it’s looking like the bundle beast of the year so far. The game releases April 19, 2011.

Check it out: SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition

  • Illmatic

    I am pre-ordering this after i try the beta. If the beta is good, im definately getting this. Good ass price

    • ochoas08

      yeah i wanna see how the game is before i preorder. This game my actually get my ps3… They should’ve also added a MIC. This is based on team so a mic is needed.

  • Hmmm. LoL. Guess I need to change the wording in my review. I was about to post it and then I read this.

  • Scoot

    The mic is in the Eye camera – it has background noise canceling.

  • Denoch

    Move starter bundle = $99.99, Navigation controller= $29.99, Sharpshooter= $39.99, Socom 4= $59.99 Grand total of $229.96 plus tax if sold separately. This whole thing is well worth it and i think i will pre order it for sure, Juego Deals here i come.

    • Yeah, that’s an awesome deal!

  • bc.annas89

    This bundle is worth getting for the accesories ALONE not to mention a game included. Who cares if the game isn’t that great. You can’t pass up a deal like this!! Definately getting this…