OnLive Giving out FREE Consoles

OnLive has just announced that they will be giving consoles to all gamers that pre-order Homefront through the OnLive service. While supplies last. This is how it works.

How it works:

Players can sign up for the OnLive Game Service free at From the service, they can pre-order Homefront, which will be available through OnLive the moment it is released on all other platforms on March 15, 2011. Upon completion of a pre-order, the member will receive an email containing a promotional code enabling the purchase of a Full PlayPass to Metro 2033 immediately free of charge. When Homefront launches, the member will receive a promotional code for a full $99 discount on the OnLive Game System and will need only to pay applicable taxes and shipping fees.

Not bad huh?

  • jeno

    The ONLY way i would get onlive is if you can you a mouse and keyboard for ALL fps. Otherwise its just a waste of time because i am NOT using a last gen pad for a fps. (Maybe something like move but NOT a last gen controller!!!.)