MadCatz Marvel vs Capcom 3 TE Fight Stick Review

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament Edition Fight Stick
Manufacturer: MadCatz
Review By: Illmatic

With the recent release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, it was only right for MadCatz to release a themed tournament stick. MadCatz has released a couple of tournament sticks based around a few fighting games in the past, but how does this stick stack up to its predecessors?

At First Glance: When I opened up the Fed-Ex box and took out the Tournament Stick I was immediately impressed. The box that the Tournament Stick comes in is gorgeous. This isn’t a box that you just throw away, no, this is a sturdy box that can be used to store your stick when it is not in use. Upon opening the box I was impressed yet again. To be completely honest I didn’t know what to expect. I mean I have used arcade sticks before, but I have never owned a stick of this caliber. The artwork on the face of the stick displays all of the characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3 in a semi-metalic print. The metallic look of the artwork really makes this stick stand out from the competition.

Build Quality: When you hold the TE Stick in your hands you immediately notice how meaty this beast really is. It has some good weight to it as well, so you wont have to worry about this bad boy slipping when your dominating your opponents. The nice thing about this stick is the included pushbuttons and joystick, both of which are authentic Sanwa parts. For those that don’t know what Sanwa parts are, here is a brief description. Sanwa is the largest manufacturer of quality arcade pushbuttons and joysticks. If you have ever been to an arcade, chances are you used Sanwa buttons to obliterate your friends. Another nice addition that MadCatz has used with this stick is a back door to house the 13ft cable. This is good because you have the precision of a wired stick, with the clutter-free convenience of a wireless stick.

Features: This stick has a few features that should be standard on all sticks from now on. As I mentioned above, there is a door behind the stick that houses the 13ft cable. Another great feature is the included 13ft cable. A lot of the times when you purchase an arcade stick, you are stuck with a measly 8ft cable that is too short. The TE Stick also features two turbo modes; a fast mode and a slow mode. In addition to the turbo modes, there is also a lock switch that will lock the Xbox button in case of accidental pressing. Speaking of accidental pressing, dont you hate it when your mashing away at your buttons and you accidentally hit the start button, causing the game to pause. If you answered yes, then you can stop worrying about that happening here, as the start and select buttons have been placed on the back of the stick.

Performance: So how well does this stick work? For anyone who has ever used an arcade stick before, I guarantee you that this stick is light years away from what you are used to. The buttons and joystick are very responsive. I had no trouble pulling off complicated combos during my game time with Marvel vs Capcom 3. The turbo function works as it’s supposed to, although personally I don’t use turbo, yeah I’m that hardcore. For anyone who has not used an arcade stick, what are you waiting for. This is the only way to experience any fighting game the way it was intended to be played. I mentioned that this stick carries some weight, I didn’t lie. One flaw that most arcade sticks have is the lack of weight. Ive seen people using small flimsy sticks that move all over the place when they are attempting to open a can of whoop-ass against their opponent. This is definately not the case here, this stick will stay in its place, no matter how hard you play.

Wishes: I will be honest. During my time with the stick I tried to find some sort of flaw, because nothing is perfect right? Wrong. I have no negative comments to say about this. It is by far thee best stick I have ever used for fighting games at home.

TQ Bottom Line: If you have recently picked up Marvel vs Capcom 3, or if you still play Street Fighter 4, I definitely recommend buying this stick before it is too late. If you still use a control pad for your fighting games, then you are really missing out on some awesome fighting game experience.

Final Score: 5 out of 5 Michelas!

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament Edition Fight Stick
MSRP: $159.99