Conduit 2: Multiplayer Trailer

Today we’re excited to bring you a brand new trailer from High Voltage Software’s upcoming first person shooter Conduit 2, scheduled for release exclusively for Wii on April 19, 2011. The trailer focuses on the game’s multiplayer, offering a glimpse at the four player split screen battles, 12 person online multiplayer, upgradeable perks and the wide variety of online modes players can choose from.

Conduit 2 is the second chapter in the epic story of Secret Agent Michael Ford, a tormented man who barely survived the alien invasion of Washington D.C. In the closing minutes of The Conduit, Michael was faced with a choice: follow the nefarious John Adams through the conduit portal or die. Standing in Adams’ bunker as the invasion of Washington D.C. rages above him, starring at the strange conduit in front of him, Michael had only one choice. Follow the bastard and finish this once and for all.

  • Killzone 3 or Conduit 2?

  • Denoch

    Conduit 2= Wii, Killzone 3= PS3 This games are the hardcore titles to get on their respective consoles.

    • Good answer, Denoch. I was testing you.