TQcast brings back a short- lived feature where we update you with the latest news on the increasingly popular video site Netflix. Each week, you can find links to great sites and tools to make your queuing and instant viewing experience even better.

CueThat: Add Any Movie On The Web To Your Netflix Queue (CrunchGear)

iCarly, Rugrats, Jersey Shore, and More Added to Netflix Instant Streaming (Instantwatcher)

Netflix Confirms That Enough Queue Adds Will Get a Title Picked Up by Netflix (Hacking Netflix)

Netflix Named 8th Most Innovative Company (Fast Company)

  • This is awesome Litigator! iCarly and Jersey Shore on my Netflix? Heck yes!!!

  • Renaldo Olafson

    well what do you think of the netflix price increase for their streaming and dvd service? personally I do not really care at all because if you really think about it, the more you pay the more titles they can afford to provide us and in the end members will be happy once again. but maybe im wrong?