National Margarita Day is Today. It’s TQ Time!

It’s TQ Time! Today is national Margarita Day, so make sure to have at least one margarita to celebrate this festive day. While most of us find any excuse to drink, remember this — You are cheating if you don’t have a margarita, so don’t drink if you don’t plan on having a margarita.To celebrate this day, we are sharing with you Biff’s very own Margarita recipe. We usually don’t share Biff’s drink tips since they are TQcast exclusive, but how can we not do this on this festive day. enjoy!

This is the TQCast recipe for making a Margarita. Not just any Margarita, but a good Margarita. This is not your dad’s green-mixer-and-Cuervo Margarita. This is not your mom’s blended and umbrella-topped Margarita. This is the Margarita that will make you look left and look right, take an initial sip, squint your eyes and smack your lips, and nod approval…then proceed to enjoy the Margarita along with your favorite cigar or homemade guacamole or favorite Johnny Depp movie or any other item that will help you mark the occasion.

* Chill the container glasses in the freezer an hour ahead of time.
* Crush some ice cubes (you can use a bar towel or pulse the cubes in a blender two or three times) right before making the drinks, and set them aside.
* Buy fresh limes, make sure they are ripe and juicy.
* Squeeze the limes for juice and chill the juice an hour ahead of time.
* Buy good Blanco or Reposado tequila. You can use Añejo, but if you’re buying high quality tequila, and you are getting the Añejo, you’d probably want to save that for sipping straight. Some of the tequilas the TQCast crew have been using include Cazadores, Tres Generaciones, Corralejo, Herradura, Don Julio, and Hornitos if you’re on a budget.
* Buy good quality Triple Sec. You could use Cointreau, but this recipe has high enough alcohol content without adding the higher-proof Cointreau.
* Get a large shaker, or make your own Boston shaker with two large tumblers; one of the tumblers should fit an inch or so into the other when inserted with the openings facing each other.
* Place some ice in the shaker, add ingredients,
o One and a half measure lime juice
o 2 measure Triple Sec or 1 shot Triple Sec
o 5 measure tequila or 2 1/2 shots techquila

and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds: the more you shake, the colder the drink, and the less crushed ice you will add later. The less crushed ice you add, the less the Margarita will water down…of course the longer you shake, you start to add water inside the shaker from the melting ice.

* Strain Margarita into chilled beverage container (salt container rims per individual choices, ask around). On a Boston shaker, just loosen one end of the joined tumblers while horizontal, and let the mixture drain out.
* Place small amount of crushed ice in the drink. This is only to maintain temperature while drinking the Margarita, if you add too much it will water it down.
* Fire up the Dominican (or Cuban if you can get it) and resume the Johnny Depp Blu-ray.