Killzone 3 Review

Game: Killzone 3
Genre: First Person Shooter
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Desz

If there were ever any comparisons between Killzone any other first person shooter game, forget those comparisons, because Killzone 3 destroys any first person shooter out right now. Guerrilla Games makes history with its latest installment by offering a FPS experience like no other today.

Story: The game covers some important events during the Killzone 2 time line, but the majority of the game takes place 6 months after Killzone 2. After what seemed to be a successful victory against the Helghast’s leaders in Killzone 2, Both Rico and Sev find themselves in an extremely high risk situation, with not only trying to save Earth, but also deal with the issues happening within the Helghast political factions.

Although the story in Killzone games has always been some what mediocre, Killzone 3 connects many gaps from the previous game and really gives the characters a personal connection to the gamer. I cared more for the characters in this game than any other Killzone game before.

Gameplay: The Killzone gameplay has always been good, but this time around they have really ironed out some of the slowness that previous games enforced. Killzone 3 is faster, smoother and sharper, but still has the realistic heavy movement at the same time. This is definitely a feature that gives the game a realistic feeling — as if you were in actual combat suited up with all your military gear.

Get ready to experience hard, heavy and non-stop action, Killzone 3 offers non-stop action with satisfying kills such as; the new brutal melee stacks, “my personal favorite” which allows you to break the enemy’s neck, poke their eyes out, slit their throat or bang their head against the closets wall.  This is seriously the best melee system I have ever seen in a video game. While I mentioned that there is non-stop action, I will also mention that there are a few levels that are a bit stealthier than any Killzone level ever. This works out perfect, as the levels create an anxious and nervous situation that hooks you into the game much more. The AI is surprisingly smart. I don’t remember saying “This mothafucka” so many times after a Helghast moved to a different location as soon as he saw me aim at him.

Weapons: There are a few new weapons introduced in the game, I’ll leave that for you guys to find out what they are, but I guarantee you that they are pretty bad ass. The existing weapons are just as precise and as close to realistic as they can get. Along with the 2 new weapons, there is now a medic feature within the single player that allows you to revive or be revived when you or your main buddies get hurt.

PlayStation Move: Ok, this is going to get crazy guys! Killzone 3 with PlayStation Move is pretty bad ass! It’s a totally different game, in a good way. The game seriously works as close to perfect than it can get. I didn’t have high hope and frankly I initially didn’t even give the game a chance with the PS Move, but I was wrong, this works!

The game works different with the PlayStation Move; I will first of all let you in on my settings and PS Move setup: I played the game with a Dual Shock 3 controller instead of a navigation controller, I recommend this setup if you are low on funds. The Dual Shock 3 controller feels great, you simply hold it on your left hand controlling your movements with the left analog stick and zooming and throwing your grenades with your L1, L2 buttons. While this might sound uncomfortable, it’s surprisingly easy to control. My PS Move controller calibration settings are set to 20% sensitivity; I found these settings to work the best with out changing any other setting.

Ok, now for the gameplay while using the PS Move: The game is completely different in the way that targets are easier to aim at; a yellow box (not found while playing it with a dual shock 3) focuses on the enemy allowing you to quickly shoot the enemy down and move on to the next one. Also, I found myself dying less while using the PS Move and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the Move’s precision when calibrated and set correctly. I want to almost say that it borrows a tiny portion off an on-rails game when shooting enemies, but don’t get me wrong, the game is not overly easy, and it’s still challenging and physically more involving. The satisfaction of killing a Helghast soldier in Brutal Melee fashion using the Move controller is perfect! It’s like really slicing someone’s neck! Ok…maybe not, but definitely satisfying.

My biggest tip when using the PS Move controller; much like any other motion controlled game; it takes some time to get the aiming and controls right. Do not try to actually aim at the TV when shooting, you can get a good rhythm by just holding the Move controller and Navigation controller or Dual Shock 3 on your legs if sitting down and just moving left and right with out over exaggerating.

Online: Guerilla games has enhanced the speed of the game. Killzone 3 is much faster than Killzone 2 yet still giving us the feeling of wearing military gear without making the game feel like you are flying through the air. The game will prompt you for a 32mb update when you first insert the disc and that’s just to tweak what needed to be tweaked in the Beta. Here is a complete list of all the multiplayer maps in Killzone 3 – Maps

The Bad: You know I have to mention the bad. Fortunately there are not many faults in Killzone 3. One noticeably issue is the random pauses of the game while playing the game, perhaps this is where the game saves, but it is very obvious and at times it almost seemed as if the game froze up. Also, the enemies in the game are awesome, but if you really want a challenge I would play the game on Hard or Elite mode. I played the game on normal mode and found the game to be quite easy. Maybe I’m just good like that. But my second time around, I will go Elite. Oh, and although the game does offer co-op, it’s only local. Please add Online Co-Op next time!

Graphics: I’m going to start off by saying that I really wished that I could have experienced this game in 3D and on a better HDTV. The game looked incredible on my 42’ 60Hz 1080p LCD, but I can only imagine what the game looks on a newer TV with superior specs. I’m satisfied enough to say that this is by far the best looking FPS game in existence by a long shot. Not once in the game did I experience any decrease in frames even at the highest action-packed stages. The game looks hardcore, tough and amazing! The most realistic looking weapons as well and some incredible looking cut scenes.

Sound: I played the game on my 5.1 surround system reminding the neighbors that my home is a warzone when I get on my PS3. The game sounds amazing, bullets, weapon reloads and especially the brutal melee attacks and head shots sound amazing. Voice acting is top notch and the different soundtracks are mixed in at perfect times in the game.

Wishes or Changes: I wish I had a better TV to experience the game in 3D and online co-op.

Final Verdict: This is as perfect as it can get.Tuesday February 22, 2011, shouldn’t only be the release of Killzone 3; it should be a celebration for the best FPS game in existence. Look out, Killzone 3 is killing the competition, so make sure you are part of history. Buy it!

Killzone 3
Guerrilla Games
$59.99 Killzone 3 – Amazon

  • Nice review. Makes me want to get a PS3 pretty bad, with exclusive titles like this, it’s on my list. Then the collection will be complete.

  • crazyj

    awesome review. I really didnt want to buy this game because I am playing to many other games right now. But you changed my mind. Im also happy to see that we now have a great move title. I will be getting this game soon.

    Cant wait for the killer game nights on this one.

    • Yeah man, I’m surprised that the Move mixed with Killzone 3 is very precise and fun. I’m almost ready to order that damn Sharpshooter.
      We should probably announce a Killzone 3 Game Night on this week’s show.

  • Great review Desz-madre. Ill be picking up this game for sure whwn I get out of class on Tuesday! Now we need to have a TQ game night!!! Details soon to come

    • Yeah man, let us know what day and time. Maybe plan it so we can also have some drinks in between games..

  • I <3 TQCAST

  • This calls for a TQGame Night!

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow. 5 out of 5. Coming for you Desz, this game must have been the business.

    I can’t even remember the last time you gave a game a perfect score.

    I remember the last podcast and the way you felt about the Move controller, I held my tongue because I knew you hadn’t played with it yet. My kills went up 20+ when I starting using the PS Move.

    I ordered the Sharpshooter from as I caught on sale right before midnight. I got it for $38 shipped. Maybe the sale is still up.

    Anyway, great review. I look forward to the single player after playing my KZ3 demo and the beta. I will definitely have to schedule a night off when the game night is declared unless u guys do it on a weekend.

  • Eric

    Yo dawgs, where was the podcast this week?

    • Wat up, Eric, we bringing you a hot show this Wednesday. We covering KZ3, Margarita National Day, Jogging next to Kim Kardashian and much more..LIVE show is tomorrow 6:30pm PST and recorded version will go up Thursday Morning, right here – front page.

      • Eric

        DId you guys have a show last week tho? Do you guys do a show every week because I didn’t see 138 last Wednesday

  • Eric, we did do a show last week. It will be uploaded to the front page soon…keep it locked

  • I just played Killzone multiplayer for about 30 minutes and DAMN..this game is BEAST…