Could This Really Be PlayStation Move’s Killer App?

Sony is really pushing this PS Move Sharpshooter along with Killzone 3. According to Sony, gaming journalist have even called it the PS Move’s Killer app, but can the Sharpshooter really be what hardcore PS3 gamers have been waiting for from the PlayStation Move?

During the holiday season in 2010, the PS Move was easily the least popular from all the motion gaming accessories and systems in the market, some of us have even claimed the PS Move to be a dust collector and a Sony mistake. Today it is clear that Sony is not giving up on the PS Move. Perhaps their timing is not the best, or maybe budgets held Sony back during the holiday season, but 2011 is looking like it might have more PS Move supported games and accessories to offer a new experience to all PS3 gamers.

I have to admit that this PS Move Sharpshooter looks cool and the concept is pretty awesome, we just hope that the Sharpshooter is comfortable and accurate enough to play a 8-10 hour Killzone 3 or Socom 4 campaign?

The sharpshooter releases February 22 2011, same day as Killzone 3.

Current games supported by the PS Move Sharpshooter are:

Killzone 3
Socom 4
Dead Space Extractions
Time Crisis
And more to be announced this year.

What other games would you like to see use the PS Move Sharpshooter?

You can pre-order the sharpshooter from Amazon for $39.96 with free shipping. Releases Feb 22 2011 – PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

  • Tom Ato

    It’s certainly a billion times better than Kinectimals and the other kiddy crap that Kinect has. Kinect is for gaming noobs and 4 year – olds who want to pretend to be lions or whatever, Playstation MOVE and Killzone 3 are for the REAL gamers.