Modern Combat: Domination Review

Game: Modern Combat: Domination
Genre: First Person Shooter
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Denoch

Modern Combat: Domination has a real generic name and it can be overlooked just by it’s close word association to Modern Warfare, but trust me that it is no MW, neither in a good or bad way. It is developed by Gameloft, they have been recognized for making games on the iPhone, Android and other smart phones and now they make their big transition to the PS3 console as a downloadable title. For a first attempt on the console I must say that I was impressed by the quality compared to the very lucrative price.


There is nothing spectacular if you try to compare this to all the other shooters, but keep in mind that MC:D also costs 1/8 of what the other stock has to offer. The lighting on boxes and the dark shade that creates is noticeably there among other objects. The texture on your berretta, shotgun, or rifle are smooth and running at 60 FPS. Playing on a high definition flat screen is a marvel to play in. You won’t find destructible environments or balls to walls physics, which is not a bad thing.


If I didn’t state this earlier, Modern Combat is a first person shooter with a slower paced action implementing tactical skills to dominate your opponents. It is purely a multiplayer game without single player, although you can play offline with bots and have some practice before going to the big league. You can choose between thirteen licensed weapons and modify them with either a silencer, fore grip, or red dot sight etc, depending on your playing style. Before you respawn you are given $2400 to buy your weapons. The handgun is your basic tool of death and you can buy armor for a better chance of survival that will cost $1000, and then buy a machine gun with the remaining money. You can unlock better equipment as you gain XP and buy them by executing headshots, killing spree, or staying long enough to breath, all these feats will give you an additional $800 on top of the $2400 on your next respawn. When you die you have to repurchase all of your weapons and armor, it might sound tedious but it’s not as hard as it sounds.


Maps and Tactics- It will be wise to stay close and work well with your teammates, as it will be difficult to just run and shoot by your self especially on the modes like domination or boom and bust, going rambo wont help your cause. The pace of the game reminds me that of Socom with way bigger maps, with so many places to hide, you need at least one other teammate to cover your six and check every corner. The maps are bigger than CoD but smaller than Battlefield. I can see that the maps were carefully crafted with small corridors, and then walking to an open area where if you are not careful you can be taken out by a sniper. The maps range from the western offices to the caves of the middle east.


Sound- Who ever said that silence is golden has never played Modern Combat, there is music but only when you start the game or when you are at the main menu, while the music in a multiplayer shooter is not required, it would be nice to have a little short music clip at the beginning and end of every match. During the gameplay, it feels very quiet, the action is betrayed by the almost soundless gunshots and grenades being thrown, it should feel and sound like a fire fight when you encounter the enemy with your group.


Wishes or Changes- I have only two wishes that need to be changed and that is the ability of moving in and out of lobby rooms after every match, if I am tired of playing Team Deathmatch and want to move into Escort mode, I want to do it quickly, instead of waiting for the next match to start and then leaving the game and back to the menu. The other is the sound, It has to be rich with action rumbling in my ears and hearing the ringing of a grenade going off close to me.

TQ bottom line- The bottom line is that Modern Combat: Domination is a great bang for your buck. It’s no AAA title but given that you can buy it for 7 dollars and it is very fun and it also gives you a chance to get away from annoying little kids and all the modded(cheaters) matches in Call of Duty, this is a good gateway experience for a few hours or even days.

FINAL SCORE: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

Modern Combat: Domination
Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Gameloft
Available on: PSN
Metacritic: 66
MSRP: $7.99

  • Kapado

    If they had implemented a permanent weapons loadout I wouldn’t put it down but they Fuck with me with that money stuff , I’m a soldier and I have to buy weapons every Damn life and round ? Annoying but the game is dope glad I didn’t get black ops .