Dead Space 2 Unboxing Gone Wrong

What’s better than capturing the unboxing of new game or hardware and sharing it with the rest of the world? Having an unboxing go completely wrong by destroying your TV with a Dead Space 2 Plasma cutter. Check it out below.

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  • Adam

    You could have at least said somewhere that this was horribly faked. I came here expecting her to, I don’t know, accidentally throw it at her TV. Not have some cheesy graphics and acting ‘plasma’ her TV away. Thats 1:26 of my life I’m not getting back, so I put it to use to write this angry message.

  • dsds


  • Brylon

    Well DUH it’s faked, it’s not like like your expected to believe she really fired rounds from the Plasma Cutter… lol. I don’t see the graphics being “cheesy” either, to me that looks like a great job on the graphics.

  • Adam and DSDS = TROLLS