Little Big Planet 2 Review

Game: Little Big Planet 2
Genre: Puzzle, 2.5D, Multi Platformer
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Desz

Disneyland!! Yes, Little Big Planet 2 is the happiest game on earth. Playing Little Big Planet 2 is a happy experience, an experience only found in places like Disneyland. I must have called the game the Disneyland of video games at least 50 times before I realized that I was moving my feet more during the game than when riding the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland, the game is simply that good and quickly takes you for a happy ride without having to wait in line.

Story: Little Big Planet 2 brings us a “save the day” type of story in which it is up to you and up to three of your sackboy friends (locally or online) to prevent the evil Negativitron from having his way. Honestly, a simple story, which really gets overshadowed by the great presentation and busy objectives in each level. 4 Michelas

Gameplay: This time around LBP2 introduces new gadgets to help sackboy get pass obstacles through out each level. Some of the new gadgets introduced this time around are; the grapple hook for swinging across large gaps and for pulling objects and the Grabinator for picking things up and throwing them.
Little Big Planet 2 is fully backward compatible with the first Little Big Planet, allowing you to revisit a favorite world and even see and experience the older levels with LBP2 quality graphics, an awesome feature for those that may still have tons of levels and friends in LBP.

Creating levels: This is where the game makes that $60 you dropped for the game worth thousands. As a gamer, I have thought of many ideas for a video game, a game that I can call my own. With Little Big Planet 2 you can be a developer, a creator, a game changer, what ever else you want to call yourself. LBP2 allows you to create a full blown game of any genre, and share it with the world. I recently read, that a construction worker who is a gamer as well, created a Little Big Planet level a couple years ago when the first game came out. His level was so good, that Media Molecule creators of the LBP franchise hired the guy. I mean if that is not a dream come true, I don’t now what is. This feature is seriously, like a $60 video game designer school tuition. Surely, creating full-Scale games may not be for everybody, but having this incredible tool in the game whether it’s for fun, practice or success is priceless.

The Bad: I’m not going to finish this review and forget to bring up the annoyances or missing features in the game, it wouldn’t be a fair review. With Little Big Planet 2, most of the bad has to do with the annoyances. After playing the first LBP, I was really annoyed by the floaty control and the layer confusion the game introduced. Did they fix this is LBP2? Well, not exactly, sure the controls are much more responsive, but those darn and pesky floaty and layer issues still exist. The float on the jumps are less aggressive than the first game, but still cause a few deaths, while the layer controls continue to be a big drawback in the game confusing my place in the game – I’m not sure if I’m on the back layer or the front layer, but trying to get to either layer is a unwanted task. In addition, the game can now be turned vertically –for instance; at a certain part of the game, the whole camera angle switches vertically, giving the game a racing experience, the only problem is that the camera looses sight of the sackboy gamers if they get too far ahead. This is something that lost me a race and the only part in the game that felt unfinished.

PlayStation Move: What a misleading logo on the cover of the game, sure the game is Move supported, but only if you download a separate DLC which is available through the extras menu within the disc. The actual game itself and the story is not Move supported. I must have spent at least 30 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t play the story mode with my brand new Move controllers.

Along with the lack of PS Move support, the Prehistoric DLC needs 2 players to play the game, essentially you still need a DUALSHOCK 3 to move sack boy while the move controller is only used to move objects around. But there is a pro to this, the small move controller portion of the Prehistoric DLC is very responsive, surprisingly the most accurate motion controller/game I have played, it’s too bad that the game didn’t get enough Move support.

Graphics: The little Big Planet 2 graphics have definitely been improved from the first game, not that the first game had bad graphics, in-fact, media molecule have really taken Little Big Planet 2’s graphics to a level that I couldn’t see coming since LBP1 was and still is one of the best looking games on the PS3. LBP2 packs more colors at once during each level and the shadowing and realism in the objects looked amazing. Many of the new items used to get from point A to point B simply look like something out of a “big budget” movie. An example would be these rabbit looking creatures used as transportation; they look very good and almost look to have character by the expressions being showed. But that’s not all, every object, character, and environment looks inviting, happy and detailed; something media molecule should be really proud about. 5 Michelas

Sound: Little Big Planet always packs some great music; the soundtrack in the first game was above expectation and a brilliant soundtrack was expected in this game and it definitely delivered. In addition to the default music, gamers can compose their own musical score with multiple instruments to give you the ability to connect in-game objects to your own custom music.

Wishes or Changes: I’m a bit upset that the floaty and layer issues are still present in this game, a serious score breaker in my opinion. And whats the point of PlayStation Move?

Final Verdict: Although the original LBP could have been updated in my opinion, LBP2 is completely welcomed and has carried the franchise to a new level. With out the floaty and layer issues, the happiest game on earth could have been perfect. Little Big Planet 2 gets 4 michelas out of 5.

Little Big Planet 2
Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony
MSRP: $59.99 or $53.88 from Amazon

  • illmatic

    Great Review! I wonder how deep the level editor can get. Like, im wondering if a game like Rape Lay can be created with LBP2.

    • lol, I think our google ranking for rape lay is increasing daily. We mention rape lay on every discussion. Google “banned porn games” and surprise!

  • Mike

    Awesome game, love it. i watched an awesome unboxing on youtube form the user unboxtherapy.