Namco-Bandai Announces Sequel To Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is one of those games that slipped through many people’s hands when it first came out. It had a difficulty that couldn’t be matched by any current game at the time, maybe even still to this day. Demon’s Souls took a certain type of player to complete the game, most due to its incredibly hard difficulty. For those that managed to beat Demon’s Souls or even thoroughly enjoy it, Namco-Bandai has a surprise for you. Below you will find an exclusive trailer for Dark Souls, which is essentially Demon’s Souls 2. Enjoy.

  • This trailer is fukin great! I just bought the first game. Hey, illmatic I think you can join my game.

  • i havent figured out how to join friends games..i can like join some random ass persons game though..who knows, i might be playing with hideo kojima..