Vanquish Review – Overlooked Game of 2010

Game: Vanquish
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
System: PlayStation 3
Review by: Denoch

Vanquish is one of those fantastic games that slipped through most gamers’ radar. We do know for sure that it caught the eye of our chief Desz during E3 for its futuristic and fast pace action, with little to no marketing will this be a title that will stay hidden or eventually surface into everybody’s wish list? One thing is for sure, it’s all in the suit.


Story: I want to start by saying that the fun factor in this game relies heavily on the gameplay and the simplistic average storyline is something to be desired. It takes place on Earth sometime in the future where we overpopulate the planet and have no choice but look for other resource alternatives. The United States of America launches a satellite-generator that gathers its energy from its sun, only to be hacked by the Russians and used as a weapon by attacking San Francisco. It is up to the U.S Marines and the protagonist Sam Gideon to stop the evil Russians from microwaving the whole population of their next target in New York.


Graphics: Although the cut-scenes are nothing to brag about, the graphics on the gameplay itself is another story, this is one of the aspects where it truly shines, you are in control of a suit that allows you to glide on the floor at top speeds all while focusing on the slow motion aiming system. The beauty of it all, is that it looks amazing when you glide and start shooting at all the mechs while your whole surroundings blur at the sense of your speed , but best of all, the gorgeous surroundings come to life as you always have something big falling or racing across your path.


Gameplay: Vanquish is a definitely third-person title but with a little twist and a little innovation that keeps the genre fresh and stands out from the rest. The Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) allows you to move faster, be stronger and best of all, play on the floor and shoot at pesky insolent war machines. The suit allows you to “copy” any weapon and make an exact replica of that weapon, there is a cover system that will need to be used in order to recover health when you are on your last breathe. There will be different types of mechs that will require some tactics to make your missions easier, for example; you will need to use your suit to glide and hit the power boost to circle around a huge mech and shoot the back where the cooling pack sits. It’s not all about gun and shoot or in this case glide and shoot but using some skillful techniques will help you achieve and experience Vanquish without it feeling too easy.


Sound: Real fast trance music is the only way that it can keep up with Vanquish’ fast pace. Playing Vanquish and listening to the in game trance music replaces the need to take that little red pill and still have your adrenaline rushing.


Wishes or Changes: For some reason I couldn’t stop playing, was it the intense action or the sweet graphics ? Either way my journey felt like it only lasted like 5-6 hours, I really wish it could have been longer. If the game is this short, perhaps adding multiplayer could have given us more time with the game. Better longevity and a better plot is a wish for me !


TQ bottom line: I’ll admit that Vanquish is short in length but you wont find any other game like it, the whole fun is on the gameplay with great graphics, and the fast pace gliding. Rent it if you like to master games and move on to the rest but it’s a must buy if you are a collector who enjoys unique games that do enough to make the experience a memorable one.

FINAL SCORE: 4 out of 5 Michelas!


Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Sega
Metacritic: 84
MSRP: $59.99, or $29.99 Currently via Amazon

  • This here is a great review, kid. Too bad the game didn’t do as well in sales as it should have. I knew at E3 that this was a gem.

    BTW, is there a collectors edition for this game, Denoch?

    Great video review as well!

  • Nice video review Denoch. This game looks alright. I might have to check it out.

  • Denoch

    Not many people knew about this game, many more people automatically think of the car when they hear Vanquish.
    There is no Collector’s edition either Desz, it probably wouldn’t sell