Rabbids Travel In Time Review

Game: Rabbids Travel In Time
Genre: Party
System: Wii
Review by: Illmatic

The Rabbids have become a huge hit for the Wii since their initial introduction in Rayman Raving Raddids. There have been a few games centered around the Rabbids since Rayman Raving Rabbids, but this game takes it to a whole new level. The Rabbids have been given their own game in which they will re-write history forever!

Gameplay: The Rabbids series has always been about fun minigames and non-stop partying. Rabbids Travel In Time is no different. From the start of the game you are able to choose which mini-game you want to play. You are dumped into a museum where you can navigate through different hubs depending on what type of mini-game you want to play. Some of the hubs offer flying games, while another hub might offer shooting games. Because this title is mostly mini-games, there is no real story or sense of progressing. With that being said, this is a nice little title with plenty of party games.

Graphics: The graphics in Rabbide Travel In Time are not the best Wii graphics, but they are good enough to have a good time. Im surprised to see that the graphics haven’t changed from the original Rayman Raving Rabbids, but considering the Wiis’ limitations, its excusable. One thing to note is the use of color. Rabbids Travel In Time is full of colorful levels and pretty environments.

Controls: Rabbids Travel In Time utilizes Nintendos’ newest peripheral, Wii-Motion Plus. With the added motion enhancement, players have even more control of their character, thus improving their overall gameplay experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have Wii-Motion Plus, the game can still be played, and enjoyed without it. There were a few instances where the controls were lacking, but only in a few mini-games.

Sound: As you can imagine, Rabbids Travel In Time is full of the same type of silly sound effects and quirky noises that made the first title in the series absolutely hilarious. If you were a fan of any of the previous Rabbid games, you wont be disappointed with the sounds in this game.

Wishes: Although there is a variety of mini-games to choose from, I feel like I’ve already played these before. In my opinion I think there should have been mini-games that no other game has attempted to create or use. All of the games here are things we have seen over and over again, making the game feel a bit dated. Another wish I would want for this game is some tightening up on the controls. Although the game does use Wii-Motion Plus, some of the mini-games have sloppy feeling controls.

TQ Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a quick, fun game to pick up and play for a few minutes here and there, Rabbids Travel In Time is the title to pick up. If you are looking for a title to spend hours with, look elsewhere, as Rabbids Travel In Time might get a little old, too fast.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5 Michelas!

Rabbids Travel In Time
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
MSRP: $49.99