PS3 Quality Games on NGP Without a Blu-Ray?

The PSP2 code name NGP has been making headline news all over the internet, but one thing that is definitely a very questionable feature of the new Sony handheld, has to be the storage. How is it possible to play PS3 quality games without the capacity of a Blu-Ray? This is how.

Sony did announce that NGP games will be offered in both digital and physical media, but come on, something has to give, those would have to be some expensive memory cards which brings up the question on whether Sony just added the physical media storage to keep the critics’ mouths shut after getting negative results from the PSPgo.

So now we get into digital content, cloud computing and remote play. As you can see from the video below the game appears to be the PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid 4, possibly showing off the remote play features. In addition, cloud computing is going to be huge for Sony, rumors have been spreading lately about PS3 firmware update 3.60 to bring cloud storage for game saves and more, so why wouldn’t NGP come ready with this feature? Even Kojima has stated that NGP can handle PS3 quality games…Yeah, not going to happen with a battery that small, but can easily be accomplished with remote play or cloud gaming.

Lastly, digital only content and cloud gaming. Sony knows that the current gen for hardcore gamers is not ready for an all digital only console or handheld–as they learned from the PSPgo, but without getting too deep into the digital vs. physical, Sony understands that eventually, digital media will be the way to get all your games and it come to no surprise if Sony were to announce an OnLive type of service that would allow you to play games hosted from other servers or PS3’s when the NGP is released.

What do you think?

  • Zach

    They dont need blu-ray because the game is running at much lower resolution because the screen is so small. Less resolution less space on a disc.

  • Wally-G

    Here’s a better question: when the battery runs out on your PSP2 what are you supposed to do with it? Sony has stated that you cannot remove the battery from PSP2, so if you cannot remove the battery are you supposed to ship Sony your PSP2 and have them send you a new one like an Apple product? I’d really like to have this question answered.

  • mdamonkey

    @Wally-G Charge it up?

  • Anthony

    Somebody (the author of this article) needs to do some research into what Blu-ray actually does before they continue to make themselves look like they don’t have a clue…

    its possible because Blu-ray is nowhere near the top of the list of factors that contribute to the graphics the PS3 is able to pump out…

    no matter what you store on the Blu-ray disc itself, it all has to pass through memory to be processed and displayed on your TV screen…its all about CPU/GPU/RAM not the storage medium when it comes to graphics…

    what Blu-ray gives you is the ability to store everything on a single disc instead of multiple…uncompressed audio, uncompressed cutscene video, additional content…

  • Chadwardenn

    Blu ray is just a storage medium and that’s it. How can people be so stupid?!

    • Goshhh..Read the article, Chad. It says nothing about needing Blu-Ray. The title asks how it would work without a Blu-Ray and then goes on giving some potential playback features, including the cost concerns on Sony’s memory card.

  • vilkit

    Are you kidding me? Stupidest article ever. It’s not Bluray that gives a game it’s quality, it’s just a storage medium. Larger storage medium means higher resolutions and lossless audio, better textures. Given that psp2 has a smaller screen, you won’t need bluray type capacity for those textures. sigh

  • Sam

    I’m sorry to say this but it seems that most of you don’t understand the NGP enough to realize that this badboy is built to do what the article states; cloud gaming.. The article doesn’t say anything about needing a blu-Ray, it’s asking how will they accomplish these quality type of games that Sony, Kojima and others are swearing it will be able to play. Without Sony giving any price yet for these physical game cards, the possibility of this playing actual PS3 games remotely or through cloud like the article states is more than possible and more than likely, what you will see. Surely, games specifically made for the ngp will be smaller I’m size, but not much smaller if they want to keep the quality and their exclusives at the top of their list, which brings up the pricing for these so called game cards. Nothing Sony is cheap and you better believe these cards won’t be sd cards. Good article, most of you commenting on the storage and bluray difference don’t get it yet.

  • Sony said Blu-Ray is good/needed because it can hold all the game content needed for next generation gaming. Thats why Final Fantasy is on one disc for PS3 and Multiple for Xbox 360 (which uses DVD).

    The author, I assume, is wondering how could they put a game such as Final Fantasy on some storage medium that is cost effective compared to blu ray. A 32GB SD card is like $45 compared to a blank blu-ray disc at about $1.50.

  • Dude first of all they converted those games from ps3 to ngp in a week or 2 so thats not remote play plus this thing is a power house but it has the same amount of batterylife as the psp but thats cause they gave it a really powerful battery more powerful then the sp because those game will use a lot of jucie so sony gave the battery alllot of juice